Tips for Preparing Your Home for Winter

    For many households, wintertime can be very challenging due to various reasons, including bad weather, lack of heating, or even condensation.

    Use Your Heating Before it Gets Cold

    You’ll likely need to re-acquaint yourself with your heating as we transition from summer to winter. Ensure that your radiators are bleeding, that your boiler is working, and that you dust your vents and filters before the weather gets freezing. By doing this, you’ll have time to make sure everything’s still working before the days get too cold.

    Check your guttering

    There are many issues associated with gutters, including heavy overflows of leaves and drainage problems. Make sure your gutters are free of leaves and debris in order to prevent a buildup of ice and heavy gutters when the cold weather starts.

    Clean Up Your Garden

    Cleaning your garden, ensuring it’s clear, and preparing it for winter is essential. Protect greenhouses, plant pots, and wheelie bins from the wind. It would be best if you also kept on top of any leaves in your yard so that they don’t pile up over the autumn and make a mess when it comes to important occasions.

    Ventilate Your Home

    Condensation is a nasty thing. That’s why you should buy felt lap vents to prevent condensation in your loft. Lap vents will solve the issue of condensation and will keep your worries at bay.

    Paint Before It’s Too Cold

    If you’re thinking of redocorating your home, make sure you do it before it’s too cold. It takes longer for rooms to dry in winter and requires you to open windows, thus letting out heat. We highly recommend doing it before the cold season of winter.

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