7 Underrated Female Lifestyle Youtubers You Should Subscribe To ASAP

    YouTube isn’t just a video-sharing platform anymore. From humble beginnings, YouTube has skyrocketed to the 2nd most visited site on the internet after Google.com (same thing basically). Along the way, it has created some pretty big stars, big names raking in millions of dollars in advertising, product creation, and product endorsement. Names everybody knows, or at least have heard of.

    Google merging its powerful algorithms with the creativity and efficiency of the original Youtube gave a chance for content creators such as PewDiePie and the Paul brothers to take content creation to the next level, garnering them mass followers, and the power of advertisement. Creative niches have also been spurned courtesy of YouTube, with channels such as mega-girl – SuperCar Blondie-finding the world’s rarest cars, with 6.5 million followers to boot.

    There are some lesser-known YouTubers, females particularly (guys, forgive the bias) who produce just as informative, fun content. Unfortunately, apart from entirely niche brands, the 7 female YouTubers produce lifestyle content that is always worth the data time. They might not be as famous as the biggest YouTubers, but they’ll soon become a part of your lifestyle if you give them a chance.

    But you probably won’t be able to make time to go to their blogs if you don’t get an expert paper writer to work on your assignment. Getting free time is tough and this might be your one opportunity. Anyway, if you do get the time and chance, subscribe to these 9 female YouTubers asap!

    1. Elena Taber

    She markets herself as a content creator based in New York and describes herself as “a Californian at heart”. Her’s is a productive blog that teaches and explores financial literacy, backpacking, thrifting, and health through food recipes. She also teaches you how to save money, especially as a college student. Journey with Elena through her many travels around the world as she teaches you how to live your best and most productive life with a smile.

    1. xoReni

    XoReni might not have a million subs, but the advice she gives from her life experience at a fairly tender age sure feels like a million bucks. Here you’ll find great advice on financial literacy (including how she bought her first house at age 23), fashion and skincare on the cheap, and career-oriented videos.

    1. Hitomi Mochizuki

    If you’re more into positivity videos that give your day and life meaning and give you those feel-good vibes, Hitomi Mochizuki is the vlogger you’ve been looking for. Originally based in New York and later moved to Hawaii, the stunning Mochizuki isn’t afraid to be different, delving into deeper topics such as spirituality, yoga, consciousness, sex, love, and mental health. Her perspective isn’t abstract, and you’ll immediately feel connected to her.

    1. Gabby Whiten

    if you are a grad student in a tough STEM course looking for some YouTube motivation and how to get the best study-life balance that is also fun and exploratory, Gabby is the girl for you. Though currently having less than 9K subs, this NYC-based Ph.D. student produces Vlog-style videos that cover mostly a typical day in her life and her travel logs around NYC. She also has an amiable personality that will keep you locked on her channel.

    1. Tanicha Rose

    Tanicha markets herself as a beauty, travel, fashion, and career vlogger, and product reviewer. She’ll teach you how to budget, move apartments the right (and cheap way), how to do décor on your small apartment or hostel, what beauty products you should or shouldn’t use, and how to build an effective skincare routine, etc. The best thing about her You/tube page is that you can sort through different video categories and instantly find what matches your immediate needs.

    1. Amy Lee

    Amy Lee has reinvented herself into “Amy Lee Life Coaching, and with upwards of 500K subscribers, she’s no small matter. That hasn’t stopped her from opening up and being personal with everyone she comes across on her vlog. Amy does sensitive topics that get deep and personal, and insightful topics that cover trauma, mental health, and body positivity. Amy also gives great recommendations on podcasts, books, recipes, etc. She engages with her subscribers in an open and welcoming fashion.

    1. Lisa Onuoha

    If you’re looking for a chill vibe then Lisa Onuoha is the way to go. She glows with her great fashion sense and provides free advice on how to do it yourself. You’ll instantly notice how great her videos are and how much work she puts into them. You’ll also learn how she makes income on her various social channels, her morning routine, how to edit Instagram photos, and how to give your room a glam makeover.

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    Finding the right lifestyle vlog to subscribe to with less than one million followers isn’t the easiest thing. While not limited to this selection, anyone under the age of 25 will be able to find what they need for themselves and their preferences.

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