Must-have Apps For Literature Students

    Technology has made life much easier, and literature students are no exception here. While apps are frowned upon for making students lazy and more prone to wasting their time, there are many apps that can make students even more productive than they already are. Literature students can benefit the most through these apps for the sheer volume of work that has to be done on a daily basis.

    Irrelevant of which literature major you take, the volume of work there is to be done can be overwhelming. Regardless of this fact, philology specialties are becoming more popular now than before. Many students also go for an interdisciplinary approach and, in doing so, burden themselves with even more work. To learn how to avoid an early burnout, how to save time as a literature student, and how to study literature efficiently, read on.

    Best Apps for Literature Students

    What follows is the list of 5 must-have apps for literature students:

    1. Grammarly,
    2. The Hemingway App,
    3. Project Gutenberg,
    4. SparkNotes, and
    5. Audible.


    Grammarly is an amazing app that can quickly scan huge volumes of text and make amazing suggestions. Even if you hire writer for essay, this app is a big help, since you can use it to adjust the tone of your voice, the preferred English variant, and a myriad of other language metrics. It is one of the most widely used apps for correcting essays, assignments, and any other type of text. A big plus is that it is a great time saver as well.

    The Hemingway App

    If you are a literature student, you know that Hemingway was known for his simple style void of unnecessary ornamental elements, such as adjectives and adverbs. The app scans the text, looking for passive constructions, unnecessary adverbs, words that are too formal or technical and suggests alternatives.

    Project Gutenberg

    As Gutenberg helped bring literacy and affordable books to millions, Gutenberg does the same in the digital era. The platform is rich in various materials, books, and papers that are more than useful when working on an assignment. You can check out Grab My Essay review and use Gutenberg to compile a list of the works you want to be included. The writer has a good head start, and you have a piece of mind that the essay is done to your liking.


    SparkNotes is your best friend regardless of whether you are in your high school, undergrad, grad, or postgrad studies. The website has over 500 interpretations of English literary works. The interpretations are very detailed, high quality, and take multiple approaches to the work. You’ll never regret a low subscription fee.


    Audible is another amazing app to have if you’re a busy literature student. Audible lets you listen to HQ audiobooks while enjoying other activities. There will be no more guilt while jogging or going to the gym, as this time can be used productively and for the sake of your studies. Although some students find it difficult to part with paper books, most say it takes less than a month to actually get used to listening to audiobooks.

    Combine for Success

    Even the best Literature students know that a single approach is never the best approach. Combine these apps and fit more into your day. Use Audible instead of reading, and do so while jogging, shopping, or commuting. Use SparkNotes for revision, and use Grab My Essay to write your assignments. You can read a few GrabMyEssay testimonials to better understand their service and the quality they produce. Finally, use Grammarly to set the proper tone and to make sure it reflects your English variety.

    Final Remarks

    While Literature studies are among the most time-consuming studies there are, you can do your fair share to make sure you have some time left over each day. To make the most out of every day and every course you take, go for these must-have apps for literature students and save yourself both time and nerves for a perfect semester.

    Carl Hill

    Carl Hill loves languages. He has visited over a dozen countries so far, as he believes that traveling enriches the spirit. He would love to have a travel agency one day and to send people on a post-modern pilgrimage of a kind.

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