The Top 5 Games For Language Learning

    Learning a new language doesn’t need to come down to stacks of books. Various tricks can help you with language learning—and playing games is one of them.

    Games have a vast potential for assisting students during the language acquisition process. It’s not the only tool you should use, but when combined with traditional learning, it can do wonders.

    Let’s find out why games can be an immersive digital learning tool and which ones are the best for this purpose.

    How Video Games Help With Language Learning

    The idea that games can help with second language acquisition is not new. There are many scientific studies — some dating back to 1990 — that explored and proved how games act as a learning tool. You can diversify your textbook learning, listening to audiobooks, and reading TranslateHub to help you with translations with game playing. What makes video games an effective solution for enhancing your learning ability? Here are a few explanations:

    • Games provide context—Rather than the monotonous repetition of random words in the textbook, games give you context. Through dialogues and instructions, you’ll learn the terms for objects, animals, weapons, and more. You can also get a better sense of when you need to use which rules of grammar.
    • Games help with listening and reading skills—As you listen to the pronunciation of words in the game, you can adopt proper ways of speaking in that language. In addition to listening, you’ll also be honing your reading skills. Written instructions will help you improve your spelling
    • Games boost your motivation for learning—Motivation is one of the most common obstacles in language learning. While you can turn to legal translations to help you with translation assignments, for other tasks you simply must learn. However, games are an immersive tool that can boost your motivation. Since your language capabilities will improve, it will be easier for you to learn in a traditional sense as well.
    • Games make learning through repetition fun—Repetition is a useful learning method, but it’s often applied in non-engaging tasks. Video games give repetition a different twist. While playing, you’ll repeatedly hear the same words which will help you remember them.

    Top 5 Games for Learning a Second Language

    Not all games are ideal for learning languages. If you are willing to embrace gaming as a learning tool, you need to opt for the right ones.

    Here is a list of games that can help you with language learning:

    1. Red Dead Redemption

    One of the most popular games in the world, Red Dead Redemption, is an ideal action-adventure game for intermediate learners. It has a complex story and lots of dialogue that can help you perfect your skills.

    1. Minecraft

    Minecraft may not have voice acting, but it is available in 96 languages. You can use the online feature to connect with native speakers from the target country and practice your speaking skills with them.

    1. Scrabble

    The popular crossword puzzle can help you master your spelling and expand your vocabulary. If you keep coming across unknown words, there’s a fun trick that can help you memorize them. Write down all the words and hire a professional translation company by TranslationReport to compose a story in the target language and translate it. In this way, you’ll internalize the words and get ready to win your next scrabble game.

    1. The Sims

    The real-life simulation game known as The Sims is useful for learning vocabulary and grammar rules related to day-to-day routines. However, to add value to the game playing, you need to use it thoughtfully.

    1. RAID: Shadow Legends

    If you like role-playing games, RAID: Shadow Legends is a good choice. You get to play with various fantasy characters and form a group of hundreds of heroes to face game modes. The game can be played in many languages.

    Final Thoughts

    Playing video games can be a rewarding and engaging learning experience. Choosing the right games and adding some effort can be the perfect formula for second language learning. Don’t forget that just playing the game won’t suffice. Take an effort to pay attention to sentence structures and look up the unknown words. It will help you improve your vocabulary and level up.

    ​​Carl Hill is a professional translator, gaming enthusiast, and aspiring writer. He worked on several game localization projects. As a former educator, he had tested the power of games in the education industry. When he’s not writing or translating, Carl likes to spend time in nature.

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