How Kate Middleton Inspired and Invigorated the Jewelry Market

    Kate Middleton, or the Duchess of Cambridge as she’s more formally known, has become a bona fide fashion icon, and it appears her ability to shape a trend now also passes to the jewelry market. 

    It’s taken a while for Kate to capture the attention of the general public, but over the course of her relationship with the likely future King of England, Prince William, she’s managed to win over the press, which in turn has led her to be treated with far more dignity and praise than Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle.

    Kate Middleton reportedly first attracted the attention of William, when she was walking the catwalk at a university fashion show, and therefore it’s perhaps less of a surprise that she’s now something of a fashion guru.

    Whatever garment Kate chooses to wear, invariably, it’s a look that fashion outlets try to market, and this then leads to the general public looking to mimic her accordingly. Now it seems her fashion choices extend to accessories.

    Kate took to wearing personalized jewelry, and one exceptionally high-quality initial necklace drew adoring attention from the media and then the masses. The item was a $1400 piece that was inscribed with the names of their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

    As well as the names, the necklace included three diamonds and was made with 9-karat gold. She has previously worn other items of personalized jewelry, including an initial necklace, on a tour of Scotland and previously, also been seen wearing a different gold initial engraved necklace. It’s clear, she is a big fan of statement jewelry that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also has a deeper meaning. 

    This has led to an upsurge in sales of similar items, and other celebrities have similarly assisted in making personalized jewelry a hugely popular option. The likes of Rihanna, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift have all been seen wearing such items, some more subtle than others like a crown ring.

    The significant upturn has further aided the push in sales of personalized jewelry in online jewelry sales. This avenue of the market has become hugely popular, and is an excellent way for shoppers to access a far larger market than they may have in their vicinity.

    The cost of items bought online is regularly lower than on the high street, and it’s now a regular activity for those who like to shop more generally online.

    However, shopping for jewelry online isn’t without its potential pitfalls, and as such, we’d suggest you follow some essential instructions in this field to avoid disappointment.

    Tips for Shopping for Jewelry Online

    Shopping for jewelry online is a little different from other areas of e-commerce activity, in so much as there are additional actions and issues you need to be aware of.

    Firstly do your research, be very mindful when it comes to shopping for jewelry, especially if the site you are visiting isn’t a well-known one. Most leading high street brands have an online presence though; in all likelihood, you’ll find more reasonably priced items than those that are exclusively online. 

    Secondly, when you are checking out potential online jewelers, you should pay close attention to their shipping and returns policies. As you will sometimes be purchasing very expensive items, you’ll want to be sure of the manner in which these are delivered and where the liability for this lies. Additionally, you should look for a store that offers you the chance to return an item if it’s not to your liking.

    It’s also critical that the item comes with some form of appraisal or certification that backs up the quality of the items in question. This is what you’d want from a physical jeweler and is doubly important when it comes to buying online, mainly because the recourse you might seek will be more problematic when dealing with an entity that may not be in your neighborhood.

    As you are buying jewelry without being able to try it on, you’ll want the online store to have a good selection of sizes and the relevant information to help ensure that the fit will be appropriate for you or, indeed, the individual you may be buying the piece for.

    The Beauty of Personalized Jewelry 

    Once you’ve selected an online store that you feel meets these standards, you can now make the most of the great deals you can get on top-quality, personalized jewelry. As a gift, this type of present is perfect on so many levels.

    You have the opportunity to surprise a loved one with a delicate item of upscale jewelry that has the added benefit of saying something very personal to them. It shows the recipient that you are not only giving them a beautiful gift from an aesthetic point of view but also a piece that has a value that goes beyond the carat of the gold or the quality of a gemstone.

    Kate Middleton’s fascination with personalized jewelry has helped to bring the market to the masses, and stores online and physical now have the broadest range of options they’ve ever had for this type of item of jewelry. 

    All of this plays in your favor when you start your search for the ideal piece for you or your loved one.

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