The Examples of How Banks Can Beat Problem Gambling

    As the popularity of online gambling increases, practising responsible gambling has to be an area of emphasis for the entire world especially in places that are traditionally known for their well-regulated gambling activities. But unfortunately, not every one of the gamblers practices responsible gambling for which social support schemes is absolutely necessary. 

    Punters are mostly prone to turning a blind eye towards practising safe gambling for which gambling is associated with a very misunderstood notion of being negatively addictive. Several organizations took it upon themselves to look into the cause and come up with policies that help punters from going out of track with their gambling habits. The banks in the UK have been of amazing support to the cause with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. 

    Banks Directly Blocking Gambling Transactions

    The UK is one of those countries where the gambling system has been heavily regulated for the sake of the people. The banks in the UK took a drastic step in safeguarding the citizens from overindulging in gambling. These banks are now interested in the added responsibility of monitoring all the transactions taking place through single or multiple accounts of every single account holder. If any sign of compulsive gambling at any credit card online casino for UK players is detected by the bank authorities, a customer can be subjected to inquisition and he has to undergo a session of consultation which can often lead to blockage of the card. 

    Additionally, the bank can also take a step towards banning all gambling-related transactions from the same account. However, acceptable proof of change can reverse this ban. If the reversal of the ban is followed by further similar activities, the ban will be re-initiated. The most popular banks in the UK like Halifax, Santander, Lloyds Bank, Barclays, NatWest, Starling, HSBC, Bank of Scotland practices the mentioned.

    Banks Standing by the GamStop Scheme

    GamStop is an independently operating self-exclusion scheme powered by the UKGC to address the gambling-related problems associated with addiction. Players are expected to have a voluntary selection of the exclusion span. The motto of Gamstop is to create an environment safe for online gaming in the UK hence it is available for free within the boundaries of Great Britain.  GamStop is associated with major organizations as partners that fuel their initiatives within the UK and far beyond. Some of these partnerships are with various well-known banks within the UK and they work as a team to eradicate problematic gambling. 

    Apart from the traditional banking system e-wallet brands like PayPal also have associated themselves with GamStop to fight for the cause. Since GamStop is a free service, it is easier for banks to interfere. As mentioned before banks do interfere with the transactions made by the users to make sure of their safe gambling habits. In this case, there is no particular card to be blocked, but they make sure the transactions made to gambling sites are made unavailable for them. GamStop is hence the best and the easiest possible way to keep oneself from indulging when a serious problem is detected.

    Free Promotions of Gamban

    Similar to GamStop, Gamban is another verified software to combat gambling problems. To get the most out of the services one has to buy a subscription to the software where it works as a blocking service in restricting the player from entering any gambling site. As all other self-exclusion programs work,  once subscribed, a player is held from accessing the banned sites which continues till the period of self-exclusion gets over. Banks have steadily shown their dedication towards the cause by promoting 

    Gamban for free and this partnership works in a way where a customer can get hold of Gamban yet escape the subscription fee by using promotions provided by the major bank collaborators.  These promotional offers have no limit in their duration and can never be reversed similar to all other exclusion programs. The UKGC websites along with Gamcare website as well as the bank websites feature these promotions.  Lloyd bank, Halifax, HSBC, NatWest, etc. are the ones featuring these promotions for Gamban.


    Banks have significantly shown their participation in the welfare of the citizens in the UK. This not only reflected their professionalism but also their commitment towards social responsibility together with the government to meet certain social causes. The banks all over the UK have shown a great deal of dedication towards problematic gambling and played their part in collectively fighting against the cause.

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