Keeping Your Shoe Game In The Best Condition

    If you love your shoes, then you should make sure that they’re kept in the best condition at all times. Your shoe game is worth preserving, after all. Especially given the fact that your collection is likely to be one of the most expensive parts of your entire wardrobe. Here are some tips to help you take better care of those shoes.

    Be careful putting them on and taking them off

    It might sound like the most no-brainer piece of advice, but some people have some pretty bad habits about how they put on and take off their shoes. First of all, make sure you put your shoes on when they are open. Don’t put on laced shoes, unlace them first. Similarly, do not take off your shoes by stepping on the back of them with the other foot and then lifting the foot out of them. Both of these can warp the shape of the shoe over time. If you need to use a long-handle shoe horn to take them off more easily, then you should.

    Keep a tree for your most used ones

    Maintaining the shape of the shoe is going to be one of the most vital aspects of maintaining your shoes. To that end, while you should rely on more closed forms of storage for your more expensive and less worn shoes (more on that later), a shoe tree can be a great thing for those that you’re going to wear every day or every other day. You hang the shoes from the tree by hooking the back of the heel onto them, which causes them to hang in a way that preserves the heel shape and doesn’t flatten the top.

    Keep them out of the elements

    For your other shoes, you should keep in mind how bad the elements can be for them. Dust can cause the color to fade. Moisture can cause them to lose their shape. Even direct sunlight can be bad for them, bleaching out the colors and wearing out the fabric. To that end, getting a shoe storage cabinet and shoe racks for your home can be vital. It can help keep them out of the way and also make sure that they are well organized. This way, you can make sure that you don’t have shoes on top of shoes in a pile that squishes the bottom ones.

    Know how to care for them

    Of course, you should also know how to care for particular shoes. Leather shoes are going to be the most common type that requires a little extra specific care. This can include making use of polish and shiner to help them not only retain their great looks, but also the suppleness of the material that prevents them from drying out and cracking over time.

    Your shoes are worth taking care of, to make sure that you can keep rocking them and keep your choices as versatile as possible. There might be more specific ways to take care of certain types of shoes, too, so keep doing your research when you get a new pair.

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