A Low-Effort Style Guide for the Overwhelmed and Tired

    Getting dressed in the morning isn’t always easy. Whether you’re feeling low energy, you have way too much to do, or fashion not coming as easily to you, getting dressed can be a chore and can leave you unsatisfied with how you look instead of finding joy. However, here are some low-effort ways to elevate your outfit and help you get out the door feeling a little more confident and energized for the day. 

    Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! 

    Accessories can elevate any basic outfit to an intentional look that is unique and put together. The other day I stumbled upon a get ready with me TikTok by @marycjskinner where she was going mattress shopping, but she wasn’t feeling highly motivated to leave her apartment, much less build an outfit, and even less to get the tasks she had to complete that day. She started out wearing a matching white sweat suit, and through her jewelry choices, a hat, a puffer jacket, and a cute bag, she elevated her comfy clothes to an intentional looking outfit. It doesn’t have to be a lot, even a simple necklace, a fun pair of earrings, even a quirky pair of socks can take an outfit up a notch and elevate your style.

    Up Your Shoe Game

    I know I could have said this in the last section, but shoes are important enough to need their own section. If you’re leaving the house, odds are you’re wearing some, and the right pair is absolutely crucial. Even the most basic outfit can have an added edge from a pair of shoes. For example, a pair of combat boots like Dr. Marten’s can make even a plain T-shirt and jeans look edgy and cool. If you can, another tip is to look at your favorite neutral colored-pair of shoes and get another pair in a bold color or pattern. For example, I have a pair of black Converse High Tops that I absolutely love and I have a pair in a vibrant Snorkel Blue. This way I can mix up my shoe choices and add an extra element while still being in a shoe that I love.

    Just Wear A Dress

    Though wearing a dress may feel too fancy or overdone, dresses are a lazy person’s best friend. All you need to do is put it on and POOF! You’re in an outfit that makes it seem like you are put together and tried really hard when in reality, you just didn’t have the energy to match a top and bottom together. I remember a few years ago, I read someone’s post about how when she goes out and drinks a lot, the next day she would wear a loose fitting patterned dress. She would get so many compliments because while everyone was so focused on the dress, they paid no attention to the fact that she wasn’t wearing any makeup as well as being violently hungover. If that isn’t a ringing endorsement for the power of a dress, I don’t know what is.

    When In Doubt, Outfit Repeat

    Forget what Kate Sanders in the Lizzie McGuire movie said: Outfit repeating is not only cool, but a crucial (and sustainable!) part of developing your personal style. Finding outfits that you feel and look good in regardless of how unmotivated you feel is a great way to FEEL a little more confident and energized throughout the day. Finding these go-to outfits is also a great jumping off point for developing a formula for your outfits. If you find a lot of your favorite outfits include a certain color or fabric, start looking for clothes that share these characteristics, while also donating or selling clothes you don’t find yourself gravitating to as much. This will make getting ready an even easier process rather than an overwhelming energy-suck first thing in the morning. And, to quote Lizzie McGuire, if someone calls you out for always wearing the same thing, they’re an Outfit Rememberer, which is truly pathetic. 


    This tip isn’t the most practical for warmer weather, but when you can, layering your outfit can add an interesting element of dimension and can improve an outfit with very little effort. Something as simple as a turtleneck or collar shirt under a crewneck sweater, or a statement jacket on top of a plain shirt can upgrade any outfit. If you like the look of a collar or turtleneck peeking out from under a top layer, but it’s too warm for a full shirt, you can buy false collars (or dickies) to achieve a similar effect. For those of you in colder climates, layering up can add additional warmth and style to an otherwise basic outfit. For additional warmth, look for layering pieces that are fleece-lined or made of warm nature-fibers such as wool to keep you toasty in those frigid temperatures

    Focus on Makeup Instead

    Maybe clothing just is not your top priority, which is totally ok! Clothing and accessories are not the only element of fashion that matters in creating a cohesive look. If you want another potential low effort way to stand out and tie your look together. Interesting makeup, like a bold lip, eyeliner, intricate nails, or dramatic eyeshadow can be a way to achieve a pulled together look without putting a ton of effort into getting dressed, as well as an easy way to add color to a look. Take a look at Margot Robbie’s makeup by Pati Dubroff. Notice how she’s not wearing anything revolutionary: just a blazer and some silver hoops. But, her beautiful shimmering eye look immediately draws in attention and adds an extra element of interest that ties everything together beautifully. 


    I know getting dressed is not always an easy task, but with some of these tips, getting dressed doesn’t have to be something stressful. Rather, it should make you feel confident and ready to tackle the day.

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