Violet Skies Releases New Single ‘The Internet’

    Having co-written hits for Diana Ross, LÉON, Mabel and Tiësto, and more, Chepstow artist Violet Skies has released a new single called ‘The Internet’. Check it out below.

    “’The Internet’ was written after I stayed up one night looking up an ex on the internet,” the singer-songwriter explained in a statement. “I didn’t feel compelled to call them, or speak to them, or even want to see them – but I wanted to know how they were doing. It’s a complicated mix of curiosity, caring and a little comparison too.”

    She added: “We all check on our exes (you’re lying if you don’t my darlings!!), and I wanted to write about this in a way that explained that heady combination of all these feelings + internet weirdness.”

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