Amazing Harlan Coben Netflix Shows You Should Watch

    If you have been into crime thrillers and suspensful mysteries for a while now, Harlan Coben is likely a name you are more than familiar with. This American writer is known for his complex and enticing plots with twists and turns, and he has become one of the most well-known suspense writers of our time. 

    Whether you love to read his books before heading to bed or you prefer to listen to audiobooks, these stories are definitely ones you’ll want to get lost in. 

    You may already be aware that Harlan Coben has had several of his works adapted into TV shows on Netflix. That’s why today we want to take you through some of these amazing shows and get you to tune in. 


    Safe is centred around a widower who is trying to stay connected to his two teenage daughters as they suffer through the grief of losing their mother. This story takes place in a gated community in Manchester, UK – and the sotry picks up as his eldest daughter goes missing. Jenny goes missing alongside her boyfriend, and soon a web of secrets is opened up. Jenny’s boyfriend Chris has a mother who is a teacher, and she is accused of having an affiar with one of her students. As Jenny’s father investigates his daughter’s disappearance, he finds out things about his wife and his friends he never thought possible. 

    The Stranger

    The Stranger was one of the best of Harlan Coben’s adaptations and this is when his name really came to the forefront of Netflix viewer’s minds. Adam Price is a man who is happily married with children, until one day a stranger tells him his wife faked her miscarriage. Stricken by this revelation, he is encouraged to DNA test his other children and confront his wife. But that’s when his wife suddenly disappears. Adam desperately tries to figure out what happened to his wife and in the meantime discovers unsettling truths about his friends and neighbours. 

    The Woods

    Whilst the first two entries we spoke about are set in England and in English, this next entry is Polish. Set in Warsaw, it follows a prosecutor Paweł Kopiński as he is called to identify a murder victim found in with newsclippings of him in their possession. Throughout this series we intercut between the present 2019 and 1994, where a murder at a summer camp shares some striking connections to what is happening today. Pawel struggles to investigate the case as his own sister, Kamila, went missing during the 1994 events. 

    No Second Chance

    When Alice is getting ready to put her child to bed, her world suddenly turns inside out. Two gunshots are heard, and Alice only wakes up 8 months later after a long coma. When she awakens, she find out that her husband has been murdered and her 6 month old daughter has been kidnapped. Alice enlists the help of an old flame, Richard, who helps her to find out what happenes to her daughter. 

    Just One Look

    Eva Beaufils lives with her husband Bastien along with their children Salomé and Max in a peaceful suburb. What seems like the ideal quiet life is turned upside down however when Eva finds a strange photo of her husband posted through the letterbox. After confronting her husband only to be met with denial, she realises something is wrong. Eva takes her children to a concert one day, and when she returns her husband is gone. Searching through a web of lies and secrets she discovers her husband has been living a double life all this time. But what will she do?

    The Five

    After a fun family trip to the local park, Mark’s 5 year old brother disappears. The whole family is devastated, and even more so when a serial killer admits to taking the boy. 20 years later some new DNA evidence comes to light that disproves this theory, and Mark along with his friends set off on a journey to discover what really happened to his brother. Could he still be alive? 

    The Innocent

    The Innocent is a very intriguing entry from Harlan involving a man who tried to intervene in an altercation and accidentally killed a man. A Spanish led entry, our main character Mateo Vidal Rivera has served his time in prison and nine years later is trying to rebuild and start afresh. He has a partner called Olivia who is pregnant and they will be shortly moving into their dream family home. But of course, not all is well. Mateo receives a strange phone call from Olivia’s phone and sets off on a strange and twisted journey to discover what’s going on. 

    Gone for Good

    A French entry up next, and this is based on a 2002 novel by Harlan. Set in Paris, it centres around a man called Guillaume who ten years earlier witnessed the death of his ex-girlfriend Sonia and his brother Frédéric. A decade on from this, we see him ready to settle down with a new woman, Judith. When Judith suddenly disappears, old wounds are opened up and we follow Guillaume as well as his friend Draco as they go on a journey of discovery to find Judith and learn the truth about Sonia and Frédéric. 

    Tell No One

    Dr Alex Beck’s wife was apparently murdered 8 years ago, and since this time he has tried to slowly rebuild his life and move on. All of this comes crashing down when he is suddenly implicated in a double homicide. Reeling from this news, he is shocked to find an email from his wife Margot warning him that they are both being watched. He now finds himself in trouble with the law as well as some mysterious men. 

    Those were some of the most popular Harlan Coben shows you need to add to your Netflux watch list right now. With unique stories, intriguing characters, and plenty of twists and turns – these series’ are well worth a binge watch with a glass of wine at the weekend.

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