Tips for Breaking into the Fashion Industry

    If your dream has been to enter the fashion industry, it might feel overwhelming because of the sheer competitiveness of the industry. People of all skills and personality types work together to stay on top of trends. Still, that might not stop you from dreaming of having a career in the world of fashion. There are a few ways to attain your dreams.

    Get an Education

    While education is not everything in fashion, it is still an important learning experience, where you can learn some of the most important skills someone entering this industry would need. You can attend fashion school or look for a relevant program at another school or university. No matter where you go, school can be expensive, so it’s in your best interest to use a scholarship search and application platform to reduce your expenses as much as possible. The free platform offers personalized matching, and there are thousands of scholarships and grants. It’s easy to use Going Merry scholarships to get matched after building your profile.

    Get Experience

    A degree is helpful, but the fashion industry is one of those where experience matters almost as much. It’s a good idea to try to land an internship as soon as possible. Expect to start at the very bottom in the fashion industry. With an internship, you can focus on developing your skills and adding to the knowledge you gained in class. It is one thing to read about fast fashion vs slow fashion, but it is another to put those lessons into practice in a professional setting. Think of an internship as a way to get your foot into the door of an organization, because it could result in a position being offered.

    Create an Online Presence

    It’s critical to be online because that’s where you can land some of your best opportunities. You can use blogs, search engines, and other platforms to keep up with the industry in your country and around the world. When you find an organization you like, spend some time on the careers page to see what internships are being offered and if you might be able to work there in the future. You can also look at online job boards to find fashion-related positions. Try to apply to positions as soon as you see them, as this gets your cover letter and resume at the top of the applications.

    Keep Track of Things

    It’s critical to stay positive, even if you are given seemingly trivial tasks at your position. Every time you learn a new skill or have a new experience, write it down in a spreadsheet. You can use these notes to create your resume, cover letter, and prepare for an interview in the future. Plus, keeping track of this progress helps you keep a positive mindset as you watch your skillset growing. Spend a bit of time thinking about your dream career, even if it does not seem attainable now. Focus on the ways you need to improve yourself to get there. This gives you a goal to achieve and work towards, even if it will take you years to get there. One of the benefits of doing this is that you can make better career choices now.

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