Casino night at home – How to make it authentic

    Everybody loves a big night out. And one of the best ways to spend an evening with your friends is to head to your local casino. But sometimes it isn’t always possible to head out for the night. Or maybe you just aren’t in the mood for hitting the town.

    Instead, why not just invite your mates over and recreate the casino magic there in your living room. It isn’t hard to do. And with a little ingenuity and some basic equipment, you can have a fantastic night of casino action in your own home.

    There are plenty of different ways to achieve your goal. Loads of different games exist. And the great thing is that you can play many of them with even just two people.

    But don’t worry if you have a bigger group of friends. That’s fantastic. And you will find plenty of options that can incorporate all of your buddies at the same time. Don’t forget to pick up some drinks and chips to get yourselves in the mood. You can create an amazing atmosphere with a little bit of forward planning.

    Casino equipment

    One of the few hurdles that you will face while creating your casino night is a possible lack of equipment. But don’t despair. For many of the games, you will only need a simple deck of cards and some chips. And we’re not talking about potato chips!

    You can purchase most of the basic casino equipment on many online shops such as Amazon or other specialist e-commerce sites.

    You will need a set of half decent playing cards if you plan to enjoy any of the top card games. Make sure that they are not the super-cheap and thin variety. These cards have a habit of sticking together and becoming easily creased.

    Not only does this make it difficult to deal and shuffle but it can also give your friends an advantage. Anyone with a little bit of casino knowledge might be able to recognise the marks that are made on some of the cards as they start to experience a bit of wear and tear.

    It isn’t essential, but you could also opt to purchase a green casino cloth. Obviously, it will depend on the game you are hoping to play. But if you just want a generic table covering then that’s fine. A plain green baize will look professional and sleek.

    But it’s also possible to buy specific cloths for poker, blackjack and all of the other classic table games.

    Now one of the traditional games that may pose a problem is roulette. You will need to buy or borrow a roulette wheel to play this game. And this can rack up the cost a little bit. However, you don’t need to shell out hundreds on an authentic piece of casino equipment.

    There are many cheaper replicas that are available to suit all budgets.

    Casino chips

    Moving on to the casino chips. And you will have loads of options in this area. Prices can be very cheap if you are only purchasing a small pack of basic chips. You can, however, raise the bar and go for far more professional chips if you want to. It is even possible to have them monogrammed with your own initials on them if you are so inclined.

    And one final piece of advice, don’t let your friends put their drinks on the table! Nobody wants a casino cloth with beer stains all over it. And if anyone fancies themselves as a big-time-charlie, then make sure that they don’t get their enormous Cuban cigar ash all over it either.

    Play poker

    One of the most popular games to play with a group of friends is poker. And within that genre, Texas hold’em is by far the most well-known. It is easy to play this game. And as long as you have three or more players then you should have a great time. It is essential that you agree a few financial rules at the beginning of the game.

    Set the price for the blinds and also maximum wagers if you want to control the spending. It is very easy for this game to get out of hand. And as some players become restless, they will start trying to put all their chips in at once. It’s best to establish these rules from the outset.

    Play blackjack

    Another top game that you can enjoy with your buddies is blackjack. This is one of many card varieties that will require one player to act as the dealer.

    You can take it in turns to have one designated dealer while the others can place their bets against the house. It’s a very simple game and doesn’t require any special knowledge.

    Most people have played the game before and will affectionately know it as 21 or Pontoon in some countries. You can play with one pack of cards. But if you want it to be a little harder for anyone to count the deck as you were going, then you may want to introduce a couple more decks into the shoe.

    So there you have it. It is super easy to recreate a fantastic casino environment right there in your house. But it is also possible to do all of the above without needing any casino equipment whatsoever.

    If you have a mobile phone or laptop computer at your disposal, then why not try online casinos instead?

    Play casino online

    You can go to to find reputable and safe online casino sites.

    Getting all your friends together and using one of your accounts is probably the easiest way to get straight to the action. Casino sites present all of the games that you can imagine and it’s also possible to play them in live format as well.

    The best online casino games permit very small wagers. So it won’t have to cost you and your friends a ton of money to get started.

    Check out some of the casino sites that you will find in the link above. And you and your mates can club together and enjoy the fun all at the same time.

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