5 Best Alternative Fashion Trends

    So, you’re not really into mainstream fashion, but you also don’t want to look like a poser. Finding a balance is a delicate dance, but it is possible to determine the styles to focus on. When creating outfits, the goal should be to send a message. Defining what you want to convey is what alternative fashion is all about. How can you be authentic through fashion? Wearing Kaftans? To help you break down the walls of your creative fashion blocks, here are five alternative fashion trends to inspire you. Another favourite is summer trousers. They are lightweight and keep you cool in summer.

    1. Classic Emo Culture

    For those who love goth, punk, and emo clothes, you already know that these styles reflect subcultures with their own kinds of defining music, values, and beliefs. Emo fashion tells us we can create fashion equivalent to art by channeling our pain and suffering outward.

    Those unfamiliar with emo clothing might brush it off as the aesthetic of an outcast. In reality, these “outcasts” choose to be alone or with a tight-knit group of friends that get them. The “emo” aesthetic is misunderstood in mainstream fashion, and perhaps that is why it resides so comfortably as an alternative fashion trend. Classic emo clothes are a critical starting point if you want to incorporate clothing that reflects your personality, let alone emotion at ALL.

    1. I Am Not A Hipster Aesthetic

    Another trend is the hipster aesthetic: the look that is so far down the line hipster, not even the hipster is willing to admit what they are. Secretly, we all know that any hipster who looks like a hipster yet denies being one is lying, but that is just another part of their “ironic” charm.

    If you feel that your soul is calling out for sunhats and t-shirts with cats on them, let your inner-hipster shine and give it a shot. Soon enough, you might even sport suspenders. This is mixed into the latest fashion trends anyway, so it’s not hard to incorporate.

    3. The All-Knowing Bohemian

    The least edgy alternative look belongs to the all-knowing bohemian icon. If you like long maxi skirts, messy buns, messenger bags (vegan, of course), and open, sustainable fashion statements like recycled shoes, you might just be an all-knowing bohemian too.

    You can get style inspiration for this look by attending a yoga class or heading out to the Sunday farmer’s market. Embrace your love for flowy tops and yoga pants like never before. Namaste.

    4. The Minimalist Look

    If you feel like the world is your oyster when you wear a plain white t-shirt, you are probably a fan of minimalist fashions. Anything European with Converse shoes is a must-have. You might get your inspiration from early 2000s boy bands.

    Plain White T’s comes to mind, which is SUCH a fitting name for this topic. Anyway, if you enjoy the simple things in life, a minimalist style could be your claim to fame.

    5. The Outdoorsy Aesthetic

    You keep a thermos in your bag and a pocketknife in your pocket in the event of spontaneous camping invites. You also love puffer vests and work boots with rubber soles. If this sounds like you, party on nature lover.

    If your love for the great outdoors dictates your fashion, you are a fan of the outdoorsy aesthetic. Perhaps you enjoy flannel shirts, beanies, and fingerless gloves. You do you.

    Use Your Fashion Sense

    Knowing where you fall in alternative fashion is about considering your style, lifestyle, and fashion sense. You probably already own clothes that can clue you in on your style, but in the meantime, use these tips for inspiration.

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