Gaming and Choosing Well-Arranged Transcription Services

    Transcription services are useful additions to any business that can facilitate its operation and even the growth a number of times. They are effective from the perspective of time and related costs. Do you want to make sure of that?

    Let’s review two simple examples from the earlier start, from our practical experience, of course. Transcriberry transcription service enables complete work that can take a day, if performed by a human, for a couple of hours. And the employees of our contractors can arrange other important activities for their companies meanwhile. Sounds good, isn’t it? Another example deals with costs. It is at least twice less expensive to use speech-to-text software rather than to assign this transcription task to an employee or outer specialist.

    Are you from the gaming industry? Then you know how important it is to save time and energy for more interesting things. And here is how transcription services may help you with that. Choose the service that ensures these aspects we will shortlist below.

    Why You May Need Transcription Services?

    Have you ever experienced a situation when during the negotiations and conversations, some amazing idea, let’s say about your new game, was lost? You remember that you have disused it among dozens of others but can’t remember the details of such. This problem can be solved easily thanks to transcription services. You need only record conversations and send that for arranging audio to text transcription.

    These services may help you with getting any important information about your negotiations, communication with partners and employees, and any other business-related matter that may be lost in the routine. Sounds good, isn’t it? Do you want to know more about how this works?

    How Does the Process Go?

    The pass from the recorded material to the ready text usually covers a couple of steps:

    1. It is necessary to record a meeting or conversation by using good-quality devices.
    2. This recording (may be video or audio) is sent to the transcription service.
    3. The recording is processed by specialized software that recognizes the words and expresses such in a readable form.

    Local specialists arrange that process and control the operation of the software to make all transcriptions are done well. While ordering and getting those services to which aspects should you pay attention to?

    What Parameters Should a Good Transcription Service Have?

    Any good transcription website offers to its customers at least these basic things that we call must-have options for arranging transcription services well:

    1. Quality of transcripts

    That is a key aspect that has to be ensured thanks to the up-to-date software and qualified transcriptionists. The highest quality services are impossible without these things. Used software has to contain modern and sensitive algorithms for recognizing all nuances of speeches. Transcriptionists should have sufficient language proficiency and excellent listening skills. These aspects, in conjunction, can guarantee the quality of the final service.

    What aspect is the most crucial in terms of quality? That is accuracy. Always check the level of accuracy that the service provides to you. It should be at least 99%.

    1. Type of an operation

    While choosing your transcription service, emphasize the working hours of that service, its location, and time zone. The main purpose of transcription service is to facilitate doing your business and not to make you wait while the services will be rendered by specialists from the other corner of the world. That is why location matters. And it also matters in view of the greater number of native speakers in a country where your target service is located. Additionally to these aspects, we always suggest choosing services where you can submit your request for transcribing audio to text or video to text at any time this may be required for your gaming business.

    1. Informational and Other Security

    This aspect matters a lot, and it is difficult to argue with that. Good transcription services have to ensure all measures sufficient for preventing any data leaks or possible disclosures. Its employees should sign non-disclosure agreements. All used tools and software have to be secured. For this purpose, encryption should be applied at least. Also, the service should operate with the operators of financial services that apply at least the same or even more advanced measures. Check those aspects by reviewing the policies of your considered service providers.

    1. The Variety of Services

    You should get all types of transcription services in one place only. That is important to save your time and establish relations with contractors. People to whom you send materials more than once will be aware of your business’s relevant terminology and other peculiarities.

    These are basic types of transcription services that should be available to you:

    • Video Transcription
    • Audio Transcription
    • Business Transcription
    • Academic Transcription
    • Market Research Transcription
    1. Rates also Matter

    While passing to the final choice, we suggest you consider the quality of services and rates for those. If you have shortlisted two or three options for your gaming business, choose one with the most convenient rates for those. A variety of factors may impact the final prices that service charges, like these ones:

    • Complexity and type of work
    • Clarity of voice
    • Industry trends and practices
    • Terminology and jargon usage
    • Turnaround time
    • Background noise
    • Special requirements to formatting

    Our experience shows that it is always possible to find a balance between key parameters of any transcription work and deliver quality outcomes to customers. We will be glad to render such kinds of services to you to release from any routine and enable you to rearrange your time in the direction of creativity in gaming.

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