Is The Opera Still Relevant This 2022?

    Humans have always been excellent storytellers, from cave paintings depicting how they captured their dinner to modern fables that parents read to their children every day. Another way of telling these stories is by acting them out on a stage while singing the lines instead of telling them.

    The opera is a beautiful way of transporting the audience to another time and place while making them feel part of the storyline. Characters come alive on stage, and the singers’ clear melodies land softly on the ear. Raw emotions travel from the singers to the audience, and great scenes are often the backdrop of the classical notes.

    A symphonic orchestra accompanies the story to bring the music to life spectacularly. All these grand gestures tell one story, and many still ask; is the opera still relevant in 2022?

    An Opera Is An Important Form Of Art

    We can describe art as an action that a person performs to create something new or beautiful. Different art forms come together in an opera. The display of a masterpiece takes the audience away from their troubles for a while. 

    Many people don’t realize that the singers practice their part, the set design happens months in advance, and the orchestra goes through each piece of music for hours each day. The theatre prepares the venue and employs hundreds of employees to help make the performance a comfortable experience for everyone.

    Some opera singers have dedicated most of their lives to their performances and helped shape the opera that many still enjoy today. One of those singers, Lily Pons, was dubbed the prima donna assoluta for her contributions in the 1900s. To deliver songs with such perfect pitch that it inspires others takes many years of perfecting.

    Many opera singers followed in her footsteps, and the mere mention of their names would make anyone agree that an opera is an exquisite form of art. Their unique interpretations of old classics have carried this art forward and will continue for years to come.

    It Is Part Of Human Culture

    Like other forms of art, opera pieces depict and reflect parts of ourselves. We resonate with the characters and identify their emotions in our own lives. Opera is not just a story that actors portray; it is a part of human culture.

    Modern movies have genres like Sci-Fi that don’t show scenes that would happen during a day on earth, while opera storylines would follow events like love stories that people can see themselves in. Opera is a genre where almost anyone can see a part of reality. It drew crowds from all over to witness the performances and still does today, with some theatre productions available to enjoy from the comfort of our homes.

    People attend opera performances to remind them of that part of their culture that they may not have been practicing for some time. It is a part of history that everyone should be familiar with, young or old. We must never forget a cultural gem as we have in opera.

    Opera Music Stimulates The Senses

    There is little in the world that compares to the absolute power of music. It awakens feelings from the inside that manifest on the outside. Music that we feel deep in our souls could give us goosebumps on our skin because it is so touching. Without physically touching us, it touches the heart and mind.

    Opera singers have a specific way of singing that makes their voice carry over the entire theater without using microphones or other equipment. How brilliant is that when it gives us all those feelings without being amplified? Music like opera has a calming effect on the nervous system and may even stimulate the area of the brain that deals with excitement and pleasure. No wonder so many people flock to these productions.

    During one performance, the audience visually sees the performers. They hear the beautiful melodies from the voices and orchestra. The live rendition makes them want to reach out and be part of the experience.

    The Last Aria

    Opera is a unique art form combining singing, acting, language skills, and voice manipulation in ways no other singer can. The performances bring people from all walks of life together. Even when you don’t understand the language, the singer tells the story beautifully. The fact that you feel it means you already know what each character is conveying.

    The great sounds that fill the air seem tangible, and the opera singers, along with the orchestra, whisk the audience away instantly. Music with such flowing tones stimulates the senses and demands the appreciation that the audience will surely give. Opera can’t be mistaken for anything else-they are masterpieces.

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