15 Best Quotes from The Hand of God (2021)

    This Italian Netflix film written and directed by Paolo Sorrentino is steeped in reality and authenticity, even though the characters often speak philosophically. The seemingly supernatural coincidences that befall its main character, Fabietto (Filippo Scotti), lend the film a sense of magical realism that reflects Fabietto’s coming-of-age experience. As a teenager, he has big ambitions, such as a desire to pursue philosophy and filmmaking, but has little idea of how to convert his dreams to reality. In fact, he admits to having only seen “three or four” films when expressing his intense passion for cinema, and he acknowledges that he doesn’t “really know” what philosophy is. These qualities make Fabietto a very real character, as do his other passions – such as his admiration of Argentinian football legend, Diego Maradona.

    When Maradona arrives in Fabietto’s home city of Naples, he believes it’s fate. Some of his family shares his awe for the player, so his father (Toni Servillo) buys him tickets to see a match. While Fabietto is at the match, a terrible accident at home changes the course of his life forever. Yet in a way, Maradona’s arrival has inadvertently saved his life. “The hand of god” holds several meanings throughout the film, and the level of detail and emotions infused into the story are clearly a product of Sorrentino’s personal experience. Instead of being sentimental, though, The Hand of God is vibrant, memorable, and deeply affecting. These are some of the best quotes from the Oscar-nominated film.

    1. “Now that my family has disintegrated, I don’t like my life anymore. I don’t like it anymore. I want an imaginary life, just like the one I had before. I don’t like reality anymore. Reality sucks. That’s why I want to make films, even though I’ve only seen three or four.”
    2. “You’re crazy.”
      “I’m not crazy – I’m young. Aren’t you?”
    3. “Thank you, God!”
      “Don’t thank God. I’m the one who bought the tickets.”
    4. “I’ve never seen anyone kick someone with flip-flops.”
    5. “A god! [Maradona] scored with his hand. He has avenged the great Argentine people, oppressed by the ignoble imperialists in the Malvinas. He’s a genius! He’s a genius! It’s a political act, a revolution. He humiliated them, do you understand?”
    6. “Maradona saved my life.”
    7. “How can it be that this city does not inspire you at all?”
    8. “Cinema…is a distraction from reality. Reality is lousy.”
    9. “Why don’t you come join us?”
      “Because you people are trash.”
      “What pleasantries is Signora Gentile saying?”
      “In a most poetic outburst, she says she holds us all in the highest regard.”
    10. “I don’t want to talk about sad stuff.”
      “Then there is nothing to talk about.”
    11. “What a terrible world this is; you go out to buy ice cream, and when you come back your husband has been arrested.”
    12. “You feel alone, that’s the problem. But don’t forget that you’re free.”
    13. “Why don’t we buy a TV with a remote like everyone else?”
      “Don’t talk nonsense; I’m a communist.”
    14. “What do you want to do when you leave school?”
      “What’s that about?”
      “I don’t really know.”
    15. “Why aren’t you crying? It’ll do you good.”
      “I can’t cry.”
      “Don’t worry. It just means it’s not the right time.”

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