Why online casinos are becoming more popular than real life casinos

    To start with, the internet and technological advancement has made a couple of things less popular. Streaming services have made DVD’s far less popular for example, and there are a number of reasons why. In this article, we will be exploring the reasons why online casinos may be putting a dent in real life casino’s popularity. There are now also new types of casinos like this list of new sweeps cash casinos if you study gambling review sites.

    COVID-19A–  Growth Spurt for Online Casinos

    Although the pandemic card is becoming a little overstated, there is no denying that the pandemic has infiltrated the world of casinos in the same way it infiltrated everything else. Online gaming took centre stage when the pandemic changed the world as we know it back in March 2020. A CAGR of 11.94% is predicted for the online gaming industry between 2021 and 2016.

    In the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, more people resorted to the internet to deal with the many crises which the pandemic brought into fruition. Consumers’ portrayed an increased interest in online gambling following the resulting limitations placed on land based casinos due to  lockdowns. While land-based casinos had to forcefully shut their doors, online casinos soared through the charts.


    The popularity of online casinos is not entirely dependent on the pandemic however, as online casinos have been on a very steady rise since before the pandemic. One of the most redeeming factors which sets online casinos apart from land-based casinos is the bonus features which online casinos have to offer. The first and most attractive being the welcome bonus. As the name implies, this bonus is granted to all newcomers; and the reward is far more valuable than the welcome drink you might score upon entering a land-based casino.

    Bonus Codes

    Another attractive bonus which you can expect to come across when gambling at an online casino is the bonus code. A redeeming site that offers such bonuses is Slots.lv. The trusted basketballinsiders selection of slots lv bonus codes has all the information you will need to understand how these bonus codes work. To capitalise from the Slots.lv Welcome Bonus, you must keep putting money into the game until you can cash out.

    Having a wagering requirement of 35X, the bonus amount and your initial deposit must be wagered 35 times and once.As a result, your money will be held hostage until the bonus’s wagering requirements are satisfied. As a result of your deposit, you will have a Locked Balance, as well as a Bonus Balance.

    Reload Bonus

    After you have signed up to an online casino you can expect to receive more than just a welcome bonus. Online casinos love to make sure that their customers are benefitting throughout the process. When you reload your account, you will also be rewarded with benefits. Whether it’s a deposit made at any time or on a specified day of the week, an offer for a bonus might be made while you are topping up. Land-casinos would not be able to match this kind of offer in any way.

    Cashback Bonus

    Cashback is a form of compensation for the money you lose. It is often enough paid back in the form of bonus money, and it may cover a specific period of losses or the total amount of losses incurred every week. Given that most in-land casinos do not even offer bonuses to begin with, this kind of incentive cannot be implemented.

    The Limits of Time and Space

    Traditional casinos confine you to a single location where you may test your luck and put your bets. With online casinos, people can play  from anywhere in the globe, defying the borders of time and space. Playing from literally any  location, including your house, work, the airport, a restaurant, and so on, whenever and wherever you choose sounds like a valid reason for its increasing popularity.  Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can always play. You can open up your preferred online casino app whenever you choose, even if it’s in the early hours of the morning, while you’re trying out an unusual workout or in the late hours of the night. You may bet whenever and wherever you choose since you are not constrained by time or space.

    Variety of Games to Choose From

    To find out that your favourite game isn’t available at a casino is a disappointment, especially after having to get out of bed, dress up and travel all the way there. Depending on the size of the casino, you are limited to the games they have to offer. Because they don’t require any physical location, online casinos may host an infinite number of games. Having a look at the casino’s website or app will tell you exactly what games they have to offer. You’ll have a lot of fun trying out all of these different games, and you’ll have a better chance of winning if you do well. It’s also much more convenient since you can start playing the game you choose right away, without having to wait for someone else to finish their turn.

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