Why Gaming Is on the Rise

    It goes without saying that people just love to play! It’s human nature to enjoy playing a game or two and if there is someone who doesn’t like to have fun, then it’s time to question their mental or emotional state. With that said and a well-accepted fact that fun contributes to a healthy lifestyle, let’s look at some of the reasons why gaming is on the rise.

    Let’s Get the Pandemic Out of the Way!

    After the past few years, the first thought that probably comes to mind would be the pandemic. Most people had no other way to socialise other than online. Social media became boring, and it was the same old complaints being posted day after day, week after week. All those necessary restrictions began to wear us down. In an effort to find some way to have a bit of fun we turned to online gaming. Here we could either play as a single-player or enter multi-player games to address both fun and that much-needed socialisation. There, now that the pandemic is out of the way as a reason for gaming being on the rise, let’s look at a few more reasons.

    Explosive Availability of Online Gaming Venues

    For those gamers who like to play more traditional casino-style games online, there are online casinos to play a quick game of Texas Hold’em or perhaps try their luck with a spin of the slot wheels. In fact, there are also several gaming review sites like www.maplecasino.ca/reviews/ that make it easier to find the games you really enjoy most. Improved search technology is one of the most important advances that has led to gaming being on the rise.

    Advances in Technology

    Perhaps the single-most prominent factor leading to the rise in gaming would be the amazing advances in technology within the past few years. It probably isn’t necessary to go into the exact ways in which technology has advanced but rather to name those advances many you are probably using even as you are reading this! They include such things as:

    • Cloud-based games.
    • Beyond believable VR.
    • Technology to create your own image.
    • Wearable gaming technology.

    Perhaps the lower advancements need a bit of explaining. Not only can gamers create their own avatar but with advances in facial and voice recognition technology and 3D scanning, you can create your own character that is the VR version of you! It’s true and gamers are using this technology more and more often. Perhaps the best example of wearable gaming technology would also fit within the VR category. Those VR glasses needed to play those games are technology that is worn but also enables players to step into virtual reality scenes and games.

    Mobile Gaming Takes Us Full Circle to Post-Pandemic Days

    Literally, every advancement mentioned above can also be enjoyed on a mobile device. Once the pandemic is another chapter in history gamers will be playing their favourite games while getting out and about in a world that had been largely closed to them for the previous few years. Advances in mobile technology may just be the biggest factor leading to gaming being exponentially on the rise.

    As a final note, if you doubt just how much gaming is rising, take a look at global gaming revenue from 2021 and you will have all the proof you need.

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