5 Tips On How To Switch From Live To Online Poker

    There are many great reasons to switch from a physical casino to an online casino, but we do understand why some people find the process difficult. 

    For some games, there is not much difference between playing online and playing in person, but if you are a poker player then the online world can be very different. 

    Poker is a card game that was inspired by the Chinese tile game, Dominos. There are hundreds of different types of poker played around the world. In casinos and professional circuits, Texas Hold ‘Em is the most common. 

    For many poker players, being able to read the people you are playing with is one of the most important elements of the game. This is why many Poker players are nervous about playing online. 

    Today, we are going to share 5 tips with you that will help you to switch to online poker. 

    #1 – Play Video Poker 

    When you move to online Poker, you will just have to accept that not everything is going to be the same – but that some things will be better. 

    When you play poker online, you get a huge choice over where you play, who you play with, and how much you are going to pay to play. This amount of choice is not possible at a physical casino. 

    When you are looking for a way to play poker online, if you want the closest experience to playing in a physical casino, you should opt for live video poker.

    This will allow you to see the other people playing around you as well as the dealer. This will help you to feel more involved in the game and you can still use your people reading skills to your advantage. 

    #2 – Practice 

    When people move online they get frustrated because they don’t win as often as they used to when they played in person. There is a very good reason for this and a simple solution. 

    Playing poker online is a similar but different skill to playing poker in person. So, you need to treat it like you are learning something new from scratch. 

    You would never play poker for the first time at a high buy-in table – everyone would be better than you and you would lose money. 

    So, when you start playing online poker for the first time, you want to practice on free games or start off at the very lowest buy-in tables. This will give you a chance to get to grips with the new style of playing without losing too much money. 

    #3 – Take Lots of Breaks 

    When you are trying to learn something new, you will be surprised by how tired it makes you. 

    When we are learning a new skill, our brains have to physically forge new neural pathways, this uses up a lot of energy. This is one of the main reasons why college and high school students are so tired all the time. 

    We experience the same thing when we start something new for the first time, like playing poker online. Our brain needs to make new memories and pathways, this is something that will tire us out. 

    So, make sure that you are taking lots of breaks – this will keep you at the top of your game and help you to learn more quickly.  

    #4 – Pick Your Casino Carefully 

    When you start playing poker online, you will have hundreds if not thousands of online casinos to choose from. 

    All of these choices mean that as a customer, the casinos need to fight for your custom and money. This results in online casinos offering deals and welcome bonuses that a physical casino would never allow. 

    For example, some online casinos offer to double or triple your first deposit. While others will offer you free spins for the rest of your life. Others have loyalty schemes that reward you for coming back day after day. 

    Be on the lookout for an online casino that can offer you a good bonus. 

    You should also make sure that you pick an online casino that has a good range of video poker tables at a range of buy-ins. 

    Some days you might be playing well and want to play at a competitive table. But on other days you might want to take the pressure off and play at a more low-key table. 

    #5 – Stop When You Stop Having Fun 

    When people start playing poker online, they forget some of the key rules of playing at a casino: 

    1. Take breaks 
    2. Have a budget 
    3. Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose 
    4. Stop when it stops being fun or when you are losing too much 

    Adding money to your account is so much easier when you play online, so is staying up all night to play. 

    You need to make sure that you are sticking to the same rules that you would have set yourself if you were playing in a physical casino. 

    Playing poker is meant to be fun, you do not want to get yourself in financial trouble over it.

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