The Greatest Female Poker Players of All Time

    Poker is a male-dominated game that has been attracting the attention of female players in recent years. Some of these women are so talented that they are already outclassing their male counterparts. Many commentators have said that we’re not far from seeing a female win the main event of the World Series poker tournament.

    This is a list of the most talented female poker pros. Many of the pros have shone in the international tournament circuit while others dominate cash games. In fact, there are many more women who are rising quickly despite not being in this list. Many of these professional punters prefer to use top online casinos in Canada.

    Vanessa Selbst

    Vanessa Selbst boasts of having an impressive record since she arrived in the world of professional gambling. She is a genius who has shone in the World Series Main Event.

    Selbst’s biggest achievement was being named as the only woman to top the Global Poker Index rankings. She has accumulated an astonishing amount of money in lifetime tournament winnings ($11.8 million and counting). Vanessa Selbst is among the few women who are involved with PokerStars.

    She recorded her largest score when she participated in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. She won an impressive $1.4 million in this high-roller event. She also stands out for securing consecutive scores on the North American Poker Tour– plus three WSOP bracelets.

    The net worth for this pro is estimated to be approximately $12 Million USD.

    Kathy Liebert

    This American is a person of many firsts. Recently, she has been keeping a low profile compared to most top female pros. However, she boasts of having an impressive record in poker tournaments involving high stakes. She will be remembered for almost reaching the final table in the main event of the World Series. Her tournament cashes in live poker are not less than $6 million.

    She is among the 40 best poker players with a total prize money of at least $5 million. In fact, she holds an open-field poker record of being the female with the most prize money wins. Liebert is also the first female to win $5,000 in poker competitions. You can also try your luck by enrolling in a new online casino.

    Liebert’s favorite gambling spot is Intertops Poker. She also competes in popular poker tournaments, especially in Southern California and Las Vegas. She is the official poker coach of actor James Wood.

    Annie Duke

    Annie Duke is a high stakes poker punter, business founder and author. She is a trendsetter who goes by the nickname ‘Duchess of Poker’. She has built an enviable reputation because of her cash game skills. In fact, she is one of the most famous female poker players. Duke has a formidable record in the highest level of gambling. She has won many tournaments that include the National Heads-Up poker championship in 2010, WSOP Tournament of Champions in 2004 and a WSOP bracelet. She held her position as the biggest money winner among the women competing in the World Series. However, her record has been surpassed by Vanessa Selbst in recent times.

    It is estimated that she has a net worth that reaches $9 Million.

    Annette Obrestad

    This Norwegian poker pro has built an online poker brand that reaches millions of people across the globe. You can search for her using her nickname ‘Annette_15’. In 2007, she won a gold bracelet in the Poker Europe World Series. She was the youngest player to win this tournament.

    Many people celebrate Annette for her poker achievements on online platforms. This is despite winning other major tournaments. In fact, she has won a Sit N Go game that was made up of 180 players. She only looked at her hole-cards when encountered by an all-in bet.

    Unfortunately, Annette has had to endure hardships in her career. She signed with a company known as Lock Poker in 2012. This shady company was closed after pocketing bankrolls of numerous individuals. Annette’s name was dragged through the mud despite not being aware of the shady dealings of this site. This scandal has forced her to maintain a low profile. The net worth for this pro is estimated to be approximately $3.9 Million USD.

    Vanessa Rousso

    This female pro has been a member of PokerStars team from 2007 to 2015. Ruosso stands out for her characteristic look – headphones, designer sunglasses and a cap. She is one of the best players in tournaments and cash games. She has built a lucrative career in the gambling world with at least $3.5 million in tournament winnings. However, she has never secured a WSOP bracelet.

    In 2007, Ruosso participated in the main event of the WCOOP where she finished in second place. This online poker score was valued at more than $700,000.

    In 2015, she secured a third place finish in a Big Brother appearance. Ruosso also made other TV appearances such as Poker After Dark. She has contributed as a writer for American Poker Player. Ruosso’s fans were delighted when she was named as the ambassador of GoDaddy – which is an internet hosting giant. She is among the winningest poker players.

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