11 Hidden Tricks in Stardew Valley The Game Doesn’t Inform You

    Stardew Valley is a fun game where you acquire a farm and live an idealistic rural life. You can grow a variety of crops and care for farm animals. Along the way, you’ll meet and befriend various endearing characters.

    Despite the game’s laid-back nature, managing a farm can be difficult. There are numerous challenges and targets to strive for. There are countless hidden tips and tricks to make farming life more enjoyable. These tips will teach you how to make a profit quickly and how to make the most out of your first year in this game.

    1. Best Person to Marry in Stardew Valley

    Stardew Valley is amongst the most popular farming simulators ever made. But nevertheless, finding a potential marriage partner with whom to spend the rest of your fantasy life is part of the fun of Stardew Valley. It can be difficult to find the right person to marry with so many immersive partners to choose from, even more so when it becomes evident that some romantic options are superior to others.

    When considering all of the prospective marriage partners, only a few stand out as notably appealing or, on the other hand, particularly underwhelming. When starting a new save file, it can be challenging to determine who will be the best person to marry in Stardew Valley.

    1. Mountain Lake Is the Best Fishing Spot

    In Stardew Valley, you can go fishing in various locations, including the river and the ocean. Each location has advantages and a favored season for you to go fishing there. For example, during the summer, the ocean has the greatest variety of fish. However, the best option is to visit the mountain lake regardless of the season. The majority of the fish here can be caught between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m., giving you plenty of time to work with.

    Even though you won’t be able to catch every type of fish at the mountain lake, you will be able to catch a good variety of fish all throughout the seasons, with a few consistent fish to grab regardless of the weather, including Carp and Largemouth Bass. The main advantage of the mountain lake is that you are much less likely to pick up random trash. This means you’ll use less energy during your fishing expedition. You may also come across Algie, which is useful to eat right away to give you a boost of energy to keep going. All in all, the mountain lake is the most dependable fishing spot.

    1. Discover Which Crops Are the Most Valuable Each Season

    Cauliflowers may be the most popular crop for spring, but if you want to make a fortune in Stardew Valley, you’ll need to know which crops generate the most money in each season. Examine the minimum prices you’ll receive for each crop in each season during the first year (depending on the condition of your final product) and how to obtain them. Also, keep in mind that some crops, such as green beans, hot peppers, and others, will produce more than one crop per harvest; however, this information will be provided when you purchase the seeds.

    Another technique would be to save up for the Greenhouse, which allows you to grow crops regardless of the season, including during the winter.

    1. Holding Hay makes Petting Animals Easier

    Making sure all of the pets are happy and well-cared for is one of the several great tasks of Stardew Valley. A critical component of this upkeep is ensuring that the animals are petted at least once per day.

    Sadly, it is easy to open the mood dialogue box while petting the animals consistently. This can be aggravating, especially when many animals are in a small space. Knowing that this dialog box will not show up when holding a hay piece is useful. This allows users to run around petting their animals without waiting too long.

    1. Wood Should Be Prioritized

    After you’ve planted and watered your crops, it’s time to turn your attention to chopping down trees. You should begin stocking up on wood because it is a necessary resource for unlocking new buildings and things on your farm. You shouldn’t sell it unless you’re desperate for money because you’ll soon be able to construct immensely useful items like storage chests.

    1. Unlock the Beach Bridge First

    Once you have 300 wood, you should also repair the bridge on the left side of the beach. This will grant you access to the Tidal Pools, where valuable materials such as coral, sea urchins, and some other shells will appear daily. You can put these in your shipping box or sell them to the fisherman, Willy, at his pier shop.

    1. Paths Can Help You Avoid Knocking Down Scarecrows by Accident

    Scarecrows (and their Rarecrow counterparts) are common in Stardew Valley. They come in various styles and are extremely useful for protecting valuable crops from tricksy crows. Sadly, if you til the ground around them, particularly with hoes that are upgraded that can cultivate a large area, the scarecrow will be removed from its location.

    A simple workaround for this trivial matter is to first lay pathing blocks on the ground, such as a wooden floor. When you position a scarecrow on top of one of these slabs, it will no longer be knocked to the ground when you till nearby. It is a simple solution to a complex problem.

    1. Mine the Mines for Everything They Have

    On the fifth day of Spring during your first year, you’ll receive a letter informing you that all of the stones obstructing your access to the mines northeast of the Carpenter’s Shop as well as just west of the Adventurer’s Guild has been mysteriously removed. This just happens to be a gold mine because you can scavenge in them to find a plethora of unique items that can reap you serious money – and literal gold as well.

    The mines have 120 distinct levels, with a save point accessible after every five. And the deeper you go, the better the items become. Dig in the dirt with your hoe and smash rocks with your pickaxe to find things and the ladder to the next level. You’ll also be given a sword to defend yourself against the beasties out to drain your health. Fortunately, using your sword does not deplete your energy, but I would recommend bringing some snacks with you.

    1. Being Square Is Fashionable

    When you’re planting, pay attention to where you’re dropping your seeds because there’s a trick to possibly earning a few extra bobs by being a little more watchful about seed placement. When planting melons, cauliflower, and pumpkins, try to make 3×3 squares. This increases your chances of growing a massive crop that takes up all nine squares of soil. You can’t be sure if it worked until harvest, but it’s worth trying, right?

    1. Don’t Ignore the Television: It’s Educational

    Despite the game’s back-to-nature vibe and a big push towards an earthy low-tech presence in your new valley home, the tv in your farmhouse is extremely useful. Depending on the day of the week, you can watch a weather report, a cooking channel, a horoscope, or an outdoorsman’s channel.

    These channels will tell you:

    • The weather predictions for the next day (rainy days are excellent for exploring since you wouldn’t have to water crops).
    • Unveil your horoscope (the play has a “luck” variable and how lucky or unlucky your horoscope plays an important role in luck-based pursuits such as discovering rare items).
    • Teach you a recipe (cooked foods are very effective in the game and you should learn all the recipes as much as you can).
    • Give you a game tip.

    At the very least, you should watch the cooking show on TV every day since there are many recipes in the game that you can only learn by watching it on TV.

    1. Fences Can Be Used to Make Self-Sustaining Grass Feeders

    Every day, animals need a constant supply of fresh grass. This is particularly true when the animals eat every last piece of grass in their enclosure, leaving none for the animals to spread. Although grass can naturally spawn, you will frequently need to begin a new patch of grass with a Grass Starter pack.

    An excellent way of avoiding this situation is to lay a Grass Starter pack and then put a fence post directly on top of it. This will prevent the animals from eating this tuft of grass.


    That’s it for our Stardew Valley tips and tricks. Hope you’ll have a great time playing this game using the tips mentioned here.

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