A Look at the Culture of Casinos – Understanding the Lingo

    Cultures, subcultures, and friend groups often have a vocabulary of their own, but the casino’s lingo is a whole world in itself. If you’re new to real money gaming, the casino’s terminology might make you feel lost. So, instead of letting you wander around trying to figure out what the words mean, we’ve compiled a simplified guide for the most commonly used terms.

    High Rollers

    The classification of the players and their types is a good spot to start. If you’re someone that spends a lot of money while playing in casinos, you’ll be classified as a high roller. The higher the stakes, the higher the rewards, but the risk is also in the upper range. 


    The amount of money you spend is called a bankroll. In other words, a bankroll is how much you’re willing to wager in a casino while playing for fun. If you’re a high roller, your bankroll will count hundreds if not thousands of dollars per session. 

    Return to Player Percentage (RTP)  

    If you’ve ever opened a casino guide, you’ve surely stumbled across the RTP acronym. The return to player percentage tells you how much a game will pay you after millions of spins. Keep in mind that this is a theoretical number. If a slot has 97% RTP, in theory, you’ll get $97 back for every $100 wagered. 

    House Edge

    The house edge is closely related to the return to player percentage. House edge is used for table games and RTP is used for slot type games. The house edge shows the advantage of the casino over the player. In math terms, it is 100% – RTP%. 

    Betting Limits

    Even though your bankroll can count up to thousands, you can’t place all your money in a single spin/bet. This is because of the betting limits. The minimum and maximum amount of money you can place per spin/bet. Each game and casino will have its own way of setting betting limits on games. Of course, the highest of rollers can always find a way to place a large bet if they truly want to.

    Bonus Promotions

    The Promotions section is where the fun begins. Most commonly present in online casinos, bonuses are gifts from the operators. Gaming sites offer different kinds of bonuses for newly registered and existing players. 

    Players can pick between welcome bonuses, cashback offers, reload deals, and more. In general, there are a few distinctions which we’ll discuss below. 

    Free Chips

    The casino, like Casino Nemacolin, gives you extra money to play with, whether it is a matched deposit bonus, a no deposit deal, or a reload promotion. These are called free chips and are usually granted as casino’s play funds. You can use these funds to play all games unless otherwise specified. 

    Free Spins

    The free spins can also come with sign-up promotions, reload offers, and no deposit deals. The difference is that you can use free spins only for slot games. What’s more, the casino may predetermine a specific slot title. 


    Comp is a term used for the points you collect in casinos by wagering, depositing, referring friends, or whatever the casino operator has specified. You can then use these points to exchange them for bonuses or other rewards. 

    VIP Club

    Comps are not only for bonus buys; they show your current VIP status. The more comp points you have, the higher you rank in the VIP club of the casino. The club can also be called a Loyalty Program. Whichever the name, it is a rewarding scheme for the regular players, offering you unique prizes and better deals than those who play once in a blue moon. 

    Wagering Requirements

    The term wagering requirements is closely attached to the promotional offers. This number specifies how many times you have to play through the bonus amount before you can cash out your winnings. 

    Sometimes, casinos calculate both the deposited and the bonus amount toward the wagering requirements. And don’t get confused by the word playthrough requirements or rollover, as both terms have the same meaning as previously described.


    Croupier is just a fancy word for a dealer. The term has a French origin, but the casino’s culture has adopted it. This person deals the cards, spins the roulette wheel, or presents you with the rules of the game, both in brick and mortar and online live dealer casinos. 

    Wrap Up

    The casino culture, just like any other, has developed its own vocabulary – this is just a glimpse.

    The more you get into it, the more terms you’ll find, each with a specific meaning. 

    You should know that different games may use the exact words with double meanings, so checking each game’s vocabulary is crucial

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