DraftKings Announces Retail Sportsbook Plans at Bay Mills Resort & Casino

    DraftKings has announced plans to open a temporary retail sportsbook.  The pop-up location will be at the Bay Mills Resorts & Casino in Brimley, Michigan. The plan is to be open late June, 2022.

    The American company cited the need to give its growing fanbase a taste of in-person sports betting. The temporary location will include sports betting via human ticket booths. It will also include six self-service kiosks with the same appeal as the company’s mobile sportsbook app.

    The new establishment is temporary but it is part of a larger plan to open a permanent retail sportsbooks in late 2022. DraftKings sees this temporary location as a way to gain experience in the market. It should serve as a foundation for the company’s future retail sportsbook.

    The future permanent locations will include more amenities. There will be more self-service kiosks, live ticket booths, and large video walls will complete the new locations. The opening  of the temporary location will be marked by special celebrations by DraftKings and Bay Mills Resort & Casino.

    Partnerships Facilitating DraftKings Expansion

    The new location will be part of DraftKings’ 2020 agreement with Bay Mills Resort & Casino. The two collaborated on an agreement to give the mobile sportsbook company access to Michigan sports bettors.

    DraftKings’ Chief Business Officer, Ezra Kucharz, noted that the partnership will allow the company to capitalize on the opportunities available in Michigan. More importantly, it will be one more opportunity for the company’s efforts to provide Michigan residents with the top-tier experience. h DraftKings is known to have excellent customer service.

    Michigan residents have expressed an interest in online sports betting. Unlike many others in the US, the local laws already support limited casino locations. Before DraftKings arrived in Michigan, roughly one-third of the population had placed legal bets via mobile phone. DraftKings enhanced the betting experience for Michigan residents by making it more innovative, immersive, and entertaining. The new location is an extension of the enhanced gaming experiences. Michigan residents will now have more entertainment options.

    The plan to open a retail sportsbook follows the announced partnership with UK-based BetBlocker. A partnership designed to promote safer play technologies. DraftKings customers can now customize gaming restrictions on any device using BetBlocker’s free software.

    DraftKings’ partnership with BetBlocker symbolized the company’s commitment to responsible gaming. The company is expanding its S.E.R.V.E.S. (Service, Equity, Responsible Gaming, Vitality, Entrepreneurship, and Sports) program. There will be a new emphasis on responsible gaming ethos.

    Is a Mobile Casino Better Than an In-person Casino?

    Many will be enticed to bet due to the new opportunity for  in-person sports betting. However, the current trends in the industry are toward online sports betting. Reality suggests that it is all a matter of convenience for different kinds of punters. From being considered a passing fad, mobile casinos have risen to dominance. Given the increased internet and smartphone usage, online betting appears to be the future of sports betting.

    Many casinos have developed iOS and Android apps. They also have online platforms that are accessible without the use of apps, which means that customers no longer have to go through the tedious process of downloading time-consuming apps.

    Other advantages of mobile casinos include the availability of bonuses. In most cases, online platforms offer better deals than traditional casinos. They are also more convenient as well. One can bet from anywhere and at any time as long as they have an internet connection. Online gamblers also have more freedom to switch platforms for better odds.

    Mobile casinos are not without flaws. Ease of access may provide some the opportunity to engage in risky behavior. Most proactive gambling legislation include stringent guidelines to safeguard the population from irresponsible gambling.

    Online casinos are also chastised for having a limited number of slots. Some casino games have yet to be simulated in order to create software versions. Online gamblers miss out on such games, making their gaming experience less enjoyable than that of in-person gamblers. Online gamblers may miss out on games that cannot be played on smaller screens in some cases.

    This realization is one of the primary motivations for DraftKings’ decision to open a retail sportsbook at the prestigious Bay Mills Resort. Operating a retail sportsbook is one way for Michigan residents to compensate for the various online casinos’ shortcomings. It will also help to promote the brand and strengthen its position as a sports betting company. It represents the company’s progress and foreshadows a bright future.

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