How Seeing Your Art In A New Light Can Help You Overcome Creative Blocks

    It’s a shame to note that sometimes, creativity doesn’t flow as freely and easily as it once did. Even the best writers experience writer’s block from time to time, and it’s certainly been noted that even great painters can feel impotent given the right (wrong?) circumstances.

    However, if you use art as a means by which to earn a living, or to free your soul and reduce your stress, then going without this necessary pursuit can be a real drag. For this reason, it might be worth taking a second vantage point in order to kickstart that creativity again.

    To begin with, giving yourself permission to play in this space can be crucial. After all, the moment you believe that everything that emanates from you has to serve as a creative masterpiece, you’re holding yourself to a silly standard and might need to relax those rules.In this post, then, we’ll discuss how seeing your art in a new light can help you overcome those creative blocks you may be dealing with  Without further ado, let’s begin:

    Restoring Art & Photography

    It might be that not only do you need to look at your past work with a different perspective, but perhaps you can alter how your past work actually looks to better fit in with today. Appropriate photo restoration of your physical photo printouts can help you see more details, restore colors, and preserve memories in the best possible manner. This may even help you catch more details and creative intent behind each shot, reminding you of the headspace you were in at the time. 

    Read Old Pieces

    It’s always healthy to look to your past project and figure out exactly what kind of creative planning you were wrestling with at the time. Old pieces can provide us that sense of inclusivity and wonder that we may have been missing this far; possibly even helping us break through a creative block by remembering who we were and what our intent was at the time. Reading old journal pieces, notes, scrapbook jottings and plans aloud can also help you bring life to that kind of material – it’s not uncommon for fully and new projects to be found this way.

    Critical Analysis

    Why not apply some critical analysis to your own work? Focusing on this may even help you take that next step towards viewing your own contributions objectively rather than tinted behind the veil of hoping for success and thinking that your art is untouchable. Critical analysis can help you understand exactly how and why you as the artist were thinking that way, what techniques you used, and perhaps how you might do differently if you could approach that subject with quite as much force today. Perhaps you will even curate your old pieces and update them for the modern you. Sometimes, this can help us grow and allow our own art to shape us. This growth strategy will surely make a profound different to your wellbeing and potentially unlock your creative spirit.

    With this advice, we hope you can see your art in a new light and possibly even overcome those creative blocks in your mind.

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