9 Best Quotes from Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015)

    Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is the film adaptation of Jesse Andrews’ 2012 novel of the same name. Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon and written for the screen by Andrews, the film is a mostly upbeat dramedy centered around Greg (Thomas Mann), a socially awkward high schools student, and his best friend Earl (RJ Cyler). When his classmate is diagnosed with leukemia, Greg’s mother asks him to get to know her better and become her friend. At first, Greg is reluctant to befriend Rachel (Olivia Cooke) and is unsure how to go about it, so he enlists Earl’s help. The two of them have been making short films for years, so they decide to make one for Rachel. Meanwhile, all three of them grow closer, especially Greg and Rachel.

    The film starts as a joke, but as Rachel’s cancer progresses, they feel unsure of whether their normal parody style is suitable for this project. Nevertheless, Greg tries his best to remain positive and to make Rachel laugh when he can. In turn, she encourages him to pursue his passions and apply to the college of his dreams. Their friendship is founded on some witty rapport and a slew of memorable sarcastic exchanges. Here are nine of the best quotes from the film adaptation of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.

    Greg: You know I’m terminally awkward and I have a face like a little groundhog. I just feel like, you know, for a kid like me in high school – best case scenario, just survive. You know? Survive without creating any mortal enemies or hideously embarrassing yourself forever.

    Earl: One thing you can do if you don’t want to talk to anyone is just enter a subhuman state. Pretend you’re someone annoying.
    Rachel: ‘Hi Rachel, I’m really sorry you have cancer.’
    Greg: That’s exactly what I’m talking about!

    Rachel: So you and Greg are coworkers?
    Earl: Naw, we just friends. He just hates calling people his friend. Dude’s got issues.
    Rachel: Yeah, he does. What’s going on?
    Earl: Man, I don’t even know. It might be his folks. I mean, dude’s mom always tellin’ him how handsome he is, which he ain’t. So now he think he can’t trust anybody close to him. Dude’s weird-ass dad don’t socialize with anybody ‘cept the cat. So that’s a role model ain’t got no friends. Bottom line, dude’s terrified of callin’ somebody his friend…

    Greg: Summer. What does that word even mean, right? More “summ.” Winter, same deal. More “won’t”?

    Earl: You gonna take her out for ice cream. And you gonna take me too, ’cause I love that sh*t.

    Greg: My mom is gonna turn my life into a living hell if I don’t hang out with you. I can’t overstate how annoying she’s being about this. She’s basically like the LeBron James of nagging. LeBron James plays basketball.
    Rachel: I know who LeBron James is.

    Greg: Look, I know you’re really bracing for this sweet girl that you probably like a lot to die. Just please bear with me. She doesn’t. She gets better. I promise.

    Rachel: Dear Greg, I heard what happened with your class work. And with Pitt State. So, I wrote them a letter, trying to convince them to let you back in. There’s a copy in here, if you want to read it. Hopefully, it works, because that would mean I have powers from beyond the grave. But you should probably send them something too. Goodbye, Greg. You’re a good friend. Although if you don’t go to college, you’re also an idiot. But you already knew that. Love, Rachel. P.S. I’d also like for you to take some of my pillows. They’ll want a good home where they’ll be loved. P.P.S. Not in the way you’re thinking, that’s disgusting.

    Rachel: Dear Pittsburgh State Admissions, I’m writing on behalf of someone who gave me half a year of his life at the time when I was at my most difficult to be around. He has a very low opinion of himself, which is why I think it’s necessary that you hear from someone who sees him as he actually is: a limitlessly kind, sweet, giving, and genuine person.

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