3 Middle Eastern Cities To Make Perfect Vacation Memories

    If you’re looking for a well-deserved vacation somewhere sunny and rich with culture, then you don’t have to look any further than the Middle East. With a collection of countries holding deep pasts, ancient temples and beautiful beaches, the Middle East gives you plenty of opportunities to expand your horizons and make some beautiful memories in the process.

    There are cities that are not only a living, breathing history book but also a perfectly relaxing getaway too. Sit down with a cocktail on the beach or explore a nearby sandstone ruin (or do both in the same afternoon). The choices are endless and entirely yours.

    But where are the best cities in the Middle East to go for this getaway? Well, it’s hard to pinpoint the very best, but below are three which can hopefully aid you in making a decision:

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities to visit if you are in Turkey. It has a multicultural texture, with a lively atmosphere and a long history, which is still evident when you walk the streets today.

    The Old City, in particular, is a must-see. Blending new and old cultures in one pot, this part of the city reflects all of the cultural influences of the many empires that have ruled there. Simply by walking along the old roads and avenues, you will make an abundance of memories that will never be forgotten.

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv is a gorgeous, modern city right on the cusp of Israel. Whether you enjoy a day on the beach or venture toward the restaurants in the heart of the city, this place has a wealth of attractions that are perfect for a tourist looking for variety.

    There is so much to do and so much to see that you might even end up with a jumbled blur when you come to look back. Don’t worry, though. There are plenty of ways to keep your vacation with you. While souvenirs in most cities are normally bought on location, for Israel, there are other ways to get souvenirs which won’t have to survive a trip. The Israeli Centre of Judaica and Art, for instance, has a number of handmade Israeli souvenirs that you can choose from and help keep the spark of Israel alive.

    Cairo, Egypt

    While Cairo is most popular for being home to the Giza Pyramid Complex, it is not just the pyramids which make this city a great place to visit. The local culture, amazing wildlife and delicious foods are just some of the many traits of Egypt’s capital. It is a marvel of a city, with a number of activities to get your teeth into every day.

    Take a vessel down the River Nile or visit the mummies in the NMEC; whatever you choose, you will be sure to form some beautiful memories that will take you back to the burning sun when the sky is grey. That is, of course, the true reason why Cairo is so popular. Not only does it hold one of the seven wonders of the world, but it is also a wonder of the world itself, entirely unlike any other city you have seen before or will ever see again. If you’re looking to explore ancient Egypt, outside of Cairo, then the best Egypt tomb tour is a must-do activity that will take you on a journey through history, allowing you to witness the magnificent pyramids and tombs firsthand.

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