The Rise of Megaways Online Slot Games

    Everybody dreams of hitting a life-changing prize in a casino. Slot games are among the most popular ones in casinos since they don’t require any skills, and they are fast-paced and entertaining games. The gambling industry moved online, and online slots dominate the offer of any online casino.

    Among thousands of titles, those with the progressive jackpot feature are among the most attractive ones. Some of them provide an enormous number of ways to win the prize, and Megaways online slot is the most famous representative.

    We have explored its entertaining game and bring you details about the Megaways slot.

    The Basics of Megaways Slots

    The world of Megaways slots enjoys a big expansion due to the nature of this game. Unlike the traditional slots that provide from ten to 243 winning ways, players have more than 100,000 ways to win a game in Megaways. Some of them go even up to a million possible winning combinations! Therefore, it’s not surprising why these online slots attract so many players.

    Software developers and online casinos have recognized this, and players have hundreds of titles of these games at their disposal. One question arises, how do these games provide such a large number of winning combinations? Megaways online slots shift reels to create more paylines, which increases players’ chances to make profits from their Megaways gameplay.

    You can try out the game at one of the best Megaways casinos reviewed here. It doesn’t matter if you are an inexperienced player, you can try out your luck and possibly win a massive prize.

    The Popularity of Megaways Slots

    Megaways slots have spiced up the online casino gaming world with their innovations. Of course, the main reason for their popularity lies in the big potential to win the prize. It’s not strange that gamblers want to try out these games since they provide thousands of hundreds of winning ways. With an increased chance to win a spin as new spaces are added to each reel, Megaways slots offer a huge thrill.

    Another reason why Megaways slots are so popular is the innovative moment. These online slot games are relatively new, and players enjoy this concept that differs from the classic one. An increased number of players of Megaways slots contribute to a bigger jackpot, and both casinos and players can benefit from the popularity of these games.

    Although winning a progressive jackpot is a one-in-a-lifetime prize that is hard to land, players can still earn as much as 10,000x their stake, or even more in some particular Megaways slots games.

    Are Megaways Slots Worth Playing?

    As with any other casino game, Megaways slots also have their pros and cons. Nevertheless, with this game craze around Megaways, it is definitely worth trying these slots. You don’t need to be a professional player to win a big prize. Also, you don’t need to play with a lot of money to get significant returns. Even with small stakes, players can make solid profits thanks to numerous ways to win.

    You can try something new and unique thanks to Megaways slots, and these online slot games have big potential. The prize you win may not change your life, but you can start accumulating smaller wins since Megaways provide so many paylines. You will experience more consistent payouts, which other games cannot offer.

    Also, players can enjoy Megaways on their smartphones and tablets, and they are not restricted to playing this slot game only in the comfort of their homes in front of their PCs. Therefore, Megaways slots will continue being popular among players, at least until something new and more innovative hits the stage.

    What Are the Most Popular Megaways Slots?

    We’ve already mentioned that players can pick among hundreds of titles of Megaways slot games. Nevertheless, some are more popular than others, mostly due to a more exciting gameplay experience and bigger Return to Player. Perhaps, White Rabbit Megaways is among the most famous ones due to its high RTP that goes almost to 98% (97.72%)! It is quite a tall figure for an online slot game, but the nature of Megaways slots provides an extra advantage compared to other slot games.

    Gamblers like to try out their luck at Medusa Megaways and Gorilla Gold Megaways also, while Primal Megaways also finds its place among the most played slots. Eventually, it is up to personal preferences, but nobody can deny that these Megaways slots don’t attract a vast number of players.


    After considering all the specifics around Megaways slots, we are not surprised why they gained such high popularity among gamblers. These online slot games offer much more paylines than the regular titles and, therefore, a bigger probability of winning some money.

    Try out your luck at some of these games, and even if you don’t win a jackpot, you may collect decent returns and have a lot of fun!

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