Interview: Meduza

    Meduza is one of the most recognisable names in dance music, having produced chart hitting hits, including Piece of Your Heart and Lose Control featuring Becky Hill and Goodboys.

    To talk about their latest single Bad Memories, they joined us for an interview.

    To begin with, how are you? And how is the music world treating you?

    We’re busy, but we are living a dream and having the best time of our lives, we’re finally back on tour and we can play in front of real people and enjoy time and music with them! That’s the best feeling ever.

    You recently dropped your single Bad Memories linking up with James Carter, Elley Duhé and Fastboy. How did the collaboration come about, and did you find any challenges working with three artists at once?

    These three acts are young, humble and so talented with a lot of great ideas and think outside the box. That’s why we loved working with them all. We got the original idea from our management, who knew what we really wanted, it was different, but we saw there was potential in it, so we decided to start working on it by ourselves in our studio and give it a more “Meduza signature” then we met the guys and finalized everything.

    The music video follows Vietnamese folklore and mythology, following a group of Vietnamese teenagers as they embark on a journey of discovery and self-realisation. Who came up with the idea?

    We got a few scripts from the label, and this one was the more interesting ones, following a bunch of young adults, lost souls living on the edge of this society, searching for something better and turning bad memories into something new for a new life. It fits what we love aesthetically with the stunning location.

    The song is your first single release since your hit Tell It To My Heart. How do you feel this song progresses your overall style and fits within your more comprehensive discography?

    We are only five radio tracks deep in our career, but if I listen to Piece of your heart right now I can recognize we kept the same signature, but all the tracks are so different from each other and every top line tells a different story. It’s a long journey. Every day we learn and try something different and new to improve and evolve our music and our sound. Travelling every day we can also be inspired by a few different things, like meeting new people, new cultures and listening to different genres of music around the world, we try every time to bring our experiences into our songs.

    With Bad Memories released, will we be seeing an album release soon?

    Yes, we’re going to release some club stuff and remixes from now until Miami music week 2023. We’re working on our album for early next year. We are super excited about this project, it is going to be our first real album, and there will be a world tour to promote that right after with not only DJ sets but with a full live show with all of us playing instruments on the stage.

    You’ve hit a few pieces that gained major attraction and have catapulted you as one of the leading names in the world of dance music. What do you think is your secret spice to your success, and what is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt since you’ve been on this journey?

    In this industry, there are no rules or secrets. Otherwise, everyone will be able to get hits and be famous. It’s all about your capacity and ability to share your life and experiences with the fans through your music and your shows, trying to create a kind of connection between you and them, and then a 10% of luck that always helps. We have to thank the team we have from everyone at the management and label. Also, we’ve been lucky, and we feel blessed we have had this opportunity to have fans that always share and support our music and our sometimes crazy visions.

    Finally, what would it be if you could give one piece of advice to aspiring music producers?

    Just stay humble. Life is a long run. Every day we have something new to learn; music is not different. Your music represents you in this world, and this industry. Everything you get should be an inspiration to do better. It took us ten years to become Meduza.

    Stream Bad Memories by Meduza on Spotify.

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