The Allure of Different Gaming Experiences and Genres

    Gaming is bigger than it’s ever been, and that means that there are more ways to experience it now than ever before. If you’ve never considered yourself to be all that into video games, this is a great time to jump in, as you’ll likely find something that speaks to your preferences in no time. However, even if you are already into games, this variety means that it could be a good time to start thinking about how exploring other genres and experiences could expand your interest in your hobby.

    Online Casino Games

    Thanks to the digitization of casino games, they too can now be considered part of the video games umbrella. These might be experiences that you brush off due to not being remotely close to what you currently enjoy, but that could also prove to be what’s alluring about them. Many of these games are concise, meaning that you can play one or several in a short session on your smartphone, making them convenient ways to kill time. You can find more info here, but options such as slot games might appeal to you if you’re familiar with them from other venues.

    Relaxing Games

    The focus of so many games is to put you into an intense moment and recreate the thrilling experience on screen in how the gameplay feels. There’s no doubt that there is value in such experiences, but sometimes you just want to unwind, and so your attention might turn to more relaxing games, such as Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley – games that aim to allow you to escape into another world to forget your woes. This might be what you need after a long day, so it’s certainly worth exploring if you feel regularly stressed.

    The Role-Playing Experience

    If you are looking to escape into another world, the role-playing game (RPG) might be for you. These come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, so if one setting appeals to you more than another, fear not, as it’s not all just fantasy worlds with orcs and elves. Being able to inhabit a character in a different world, and make choices that affect your surroundings can be incredibly cathartic and engrossing, and could have you thinking more seriously and emotionally than you ever expected to in a video game.

    Overcoming a Challenge

    Some games specifically set out to provide you with a challenge that you have to overcome. Some people might find these too frustrating, and not a good use of their free time, but other people will relish in the satisfaction that comes with overcoming this wall, and be presented with another one that they have to conquer. These too come in a variety of formats, from platformers to action games to role-playing games, the experience of a challenging game is less of a genre and more of design philosophy. So, if you feel like you would prefer this kind of experience, you’re in luck, as any genre likely has its share of difficult candidates.

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