Most Reliable Casino Payment Methods: Pros And Cons

    Welcome, dear reader! In this article, we will reveal one of the vital parts of online casinos: making deposits. Most visitors of online gaming platforms care about the safe connection between their money and casino services. There are lots of ways to complete payment. Therefore, we will present you with the most reliable ones with their pros & cons. Meet a list of the most win-win options below!

    E-Wallets: PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney, Neteller, GCash

    Everybody is accustomed to e-wallet systems, and the most well-known is PayPal. However, this payment service is the most popular in Europe. For its part, in Asia, GCash wallet has the leading position and if you are searching for some online facilities which support this method.

    Read the best Philippines Gcash casinos online rank in 2022 and find some items for you. However, in the Philippines WebMoney, Neteller and Skrill are also very popular thanks to their capability to provide a strong and safe connection between your debit/ credit card and gambling platform.


    • Trusted services.
    • Quick in use.
    • Private
    • Are supported at all legitimate casinos.
    • Easy to set up.


    • Has currency issues.
    • You need to uphold your account to prevent freezing.

    Blockchain Technology: Cryptocurrency (Stellar, Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP)

    Blockchain is a technology that supports virtual money. Now, the most popular cryptocurrencies are Stellar, Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP. Most of the Philippine casinos started its update for cryptocurrency. It’s adored by gamblers due to its complete security and unlimited credibility.

    What’s more, their winning will grow every day according to the success of the rate. You also don’t have to visit a building bank to use blockchain technology. It is completely virtual, and you can start using it only after a few clicks on your phone. Good to know that it is also easy in settings and quick in payouts.


    • Extremely secure (the proof is the fact that Bitcoin had never been hacked).
    • It doesn’t depend on traditional world economics and has a successful development strategy.
    • It is a marker of a safe casino (only licensed casinos use this method).


    Voucher System: PaySafeCard, NeoSurf, Flexepin

    There are lots of voucher systems for payment in the Philippines, however, the most popular are PaySafeCard, NeoSurf and Flexepin. Despite the services being different, the working conception is the same. This is also absolutely anonymous and, consequently, secure.

    To use this method, you just have to buy a blank with a 16-numbered code at the nearest point where the voucher is. Then, you need to enter your gambling account, choose the method for making deposits and enter the code. No cards and no personal data are required.


    • Very secure and requires no data about you.
    • It helps to control your expenses on gambling and prevent addiction.
    • Vouchers are widespread and located in every supermarket.


    • Most of the vouchers have maximum limits under $200.
    • The voucher ticket is lost – money is lost too.

    Bank & Card Transfers: Visa and Mastercard

    Finally, we are near the most common and useful method: transfers between cards. You just have to attach your Mastercard or Visa card to start making deposits. Surely, you have to share your data with the gambling house, it is very risky.

    We recommend you utilize this method in facilities which have a license and are in law. Some casinos may purpose attractive bonuses if you choose your credit or debit card for payment, however, it may be a scam as well as a fair proposal. To protect your data, you should turn on the VPN or utilize prepaid credit cards.


    • Wide-spread method.
    • The same card details can’t be used twice so that nobody will steal your money.


    • Risky.

    Final Words

    In this article, we revealed the aspect of the Philippines casino payment methods with their pros and cons. There are four useful procedures: E-wallets, blockchain, card transfers and prepaid methods. Which one is the best? Just try and decide on your own!

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