Perera Elsewhere Releases New Single ‘Who I Am’

    Perera Elsewhere has released ‘Who I Am’, the final single off her forthcoming album Home – out September 30 via Friends of Friends. It follows previous entries ‘Heatwave’ and ‘Hold Tite’. Take a listen below.

    “We are many people inside one person …. our ancestors, present and future and a whole bunch of brainwashing, marketing, conformity, institutionalised religion and an almost branded rebellion against those things,” Sarah Perera commented in a statement. “The internet is a catalyst and a centrifuge. Thus the ongoing question of ‘Who I Am’ remains: a journey to get to the core of yourself even if your self is a construction in itself. This journey straddles individuality, identity and the simulation of spirituality and authenticity, all ideas/things that the post-materialist societies are obsessed with…”

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