Secrets of the World’s Cleanest Offices: What They Do That You Don’t

    Have you ever been to an office where the cleanliness and freshness of the space seemed effortless? Where there was just naturally a feeling of light and air? Unfortunately, it can sometimes seem like an impossible feat to keep an office clean. With so many people using the space daily, making cups of tea, and cluttering up the place, with computers and photocopiers pumping chemicals and fumes into the air, it can make a cleaner’s job a challenge to maintain. But there are a few things those offices have in common that can make a big difference to an office’s cleanliness and presentability. 

    Enthuse Employees

    Did you know that in some countries, like Japan, cleanliness and cleaning one’s space, whether that’s students in a school or workers in an office, is an expected part of the culture that’s seen as showing respect to yourself and others? While that may not be something that will catch on in the same way in the UK, having employees that are enthusiastic and invested in the beauty of their workspace will go a long way to helping keep the office clean. Think washing up their own cups, not leaving any rubbish or wrappers lying around, and even ensuring any environment used is tidy and ready for the next person. If this can’t be infused into the office culture, scheduling or incentives are always available to get employees on board.


    A cluttered office is a messy office. This is another area that is considered by those running a perennially clean workspace. Perhaps it’s time for a spring clean? Or maybe storage space needs to be increased and made more efficient? Are there hard-copy files that should be electronically stored and shredded to make space? Even having an expert in to advise on reshuffling the office will make a significant impact. Considering how clutter can be reduced, planning for it and implementing it will significantly impact the overall look and feel of your office. 

    Update the Decor

    Does your office feel dark and dingy, or perhaps dated? Darkening on wall paint, peels in the roof or even grubby office furniture can date a place and make it look grotty. On the other hand, a fresh coat of paint, furniture replacement, or updating any obvious maintenance issues can make a difference in the overall cleanliness of your office space. It is certainly something great-looking offices do regularly.

    Have a Regular Professional Deep Clean

    Another great way to keep your office looking clean and bright for longer is to have a regular deep clean. This goes far beyond what you’d expect from your daily clean and cleaner and instead gets into all the hard-to-reach and neglected spaces to make it shine. 

    Call On Our Professional Cleaners for More Assistance

    For help or advice on your cleaning needs, contact Cleaning Express. We pride ourselves on creating clean and easy-to-manage spaces for our clients, ensuring they look professional at all times.

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