Can I Have A Balcony Or Terrace In My Loft Conversion

    Loft conversions are an exceptional home improvement investment because they provide usable, functional indoor space to use in any way you please. 

    Although the indoor space created with a loft conversion is incredible, and large roof windows absolutely flood it with natural light, it would still be nice to have some access to the outdoors, wouldn’t it? The question is, can that be done? Are additions like roof terraces and balconies possible for a loft conversion? 

    Creating The Opportunity For Outdoor Space As Part Of A Loft Conversion Design

    You can have a roof terrace and/ or balcony with a loft conversion much of the time, depending on the designs suitable for your property. It isn’t always possible, but it certainly isn’t always out of the question either.

    The best way to find out is to speak to a professional loft conversion company who has the experience needed to recognise the potential for creative designs and solutions. 

    They will need to consider how much space is available, the type of conversion you have available to you, and any other restrictions on design such as Listed Building rules, or if the house is in a conservation area. 

    Options For Balconies/ Outdoor Terraces 

    There are multiple options available so that you can have an outdoor terrace or balcony added to your loft conversion. Things such as gutters and rainwater hopper, should be considered. Nonetheless, here are some some of those options include: 

    Velux Balcony

    A compact outside space which can usually fit a small table and chairs, and perhaps a couple of nice pot plants for a nice aesthetic. These types of balconies incorporate a floor to ceiling aesthetic, allowing the views and natural light to continue even when the balcony is not in use. 

    Connecting Apex Areas

    Sometimes outdoor space can connect different apex areas so that you can access the space from different conversion rooms, which can be really convenient. 

    Wraparound Balcony

    A wraparound balcony can be a stunning and spacious outdoor space that works for some types of conversions, such as a bungalow conversion. 

    Juliette Balcony

    Although these balconies aren’t *true* balconies, they do allow more ventilation and an ‘outdoors in’ feel. They work with bi-fold or patio doors as big as can be managed by the construction of the conversion, which can be a really stunning compromise when a true balcony or terrace isn’t possible. 

    Mansard Roof Terrace

    These types of terraces work with the potential for considerable outside space by cutting into a Mansard roof conversion. It’s a popular option, but one that can often be restricted by planning. 

    Flat Roof Extension

    An existing flat roof on top of, or adjoining a loft conversion can be adjusted and adapted, then accessed via the conversion as a terraced area. This can create considerable outdoor space depending on the size of your conversion roof. 

    Key Benefits Of Adding Outdoor Space To A Loft Conversion

    There are lots of reasons to consider adding an outdoor space to your loft conversion including: 

    Potential Restrictions For A Loft Conversion Balcony/ Terrace

    Whether or not any outdoor space is possible for your loft conversion depends on various factors, and you will need to speak to a professional loft conversion company to understand which property aspects and other factors come into play for your plans when it comes to conversion design and outdoor space. 

    Some of the most common restrictions for a loft conversion balcony or terrace are: 

    • Planning Permission
    • Listed Building Status
    • Conservation Area Status
    • Construction potential & building suitability
    • Available space
    • Balancing outdoor space creation/ indoor space sacrifice 
    • Local concern about the skyline

    Primarily, though, the biggest reason outdoor spaces on loft conversions fail is because of neighbour objections and impact issues. Whilst you imagine wonderful evenings watching the sunset, entertaining outside and getting the most out of your new outdoor space, your neighbours won’t quite get the benefits. They may have you overlooking them, they may be impacted by noise, they might get smell and smoke issues from rooftop or balcony cooking, the balcony could be considered a security risk (criminals using for building access), and the neighbours views/ light could be impacted, too. 

    A fantastic loft conversion company will not be able to prevent any neighbour objection from stopping you having a balcony or terrace integrated into a loft conversion design. However, they can work hard to create a design that gives you the best possible chance of it being allowed, and help with adjustments that work around any objections that do come your way. Their professional insight and planning will include help:

    • Advising you of potential objections based on experience
    • Advising you of forms to fill out and legalities to be aware of
    • Ensuring all designs are in keeping with the character of the neighbourhood
    • Working with modest designs that are more likely to be accepted
    • Creating designs that considerably lower the chance of the balcony or terrace overlooking surrounding gardens
    • Being creative and open minded about the potential of your existing loft conversion space, including the structural issues that could make a terrace or balcony difficult
    • Advising you on how to re-submit applications based on common issues like reject reflux
    • Helping you communicate plans with neighbours and advise on how best to approach objections

    Speak To Clapham Construction Today To Find Out If Your Conversion Could Include Some Fresh & Sunshine-Filled Outdoor Space

    The only way to know the outdoor potential for your loft conversion is to speak to a loft conversion company like Clapham Construction Service today. They can give you all the information you need to make an informed choice about your next step, hopefully helping you make the most of your converted space with a stunning new outdoor space that makes the most of the surrounding views. 

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