Top Shows On Hulu To Watch: For fashionistas From Australia

    Do you love to watch fashion-oriented shows? If yes, Hulu is a great destination to explore the genre even further. It is one of the most sought-after streaming platforms with up-to-date content libraries from various genres and categories. While this platform is relatively easy to use and friendly, one thing to know is that this platform is not accessible in Australia. 

    But if you wish to access Hulu in Australia, you are going to need a VPN account. Using the VPN, you can access the geo-locked content without hassle. It also conceals your identity and information, safeguarding you from data theft or other linked issues. 

    Since both paid and free VPNs are available in the market, you can try them and understand their functioning easily. A few notable VPNs include ExpressVPN or NordVPN, which can help you seamlessly.

    So, let us explore the top shows available on Hulu to be enjoyed by the upcoming fashionistas from Australia.

    This is a perfect show for those who love fashion. This reality show is an opportunity for upcoming designers to explore their potential. While striving to overcome a variety of thematic, material, and time constraints, amateur fashion stylists and designers compete to create the best outfits they possibly can. 

    Other materials like fake fur and ideas like the traditional cocktail dress but with an artistic spin is what this show is all about. The challenges include creating something new in a team-based challenge from just a color theme, creating a dress to style the stars from other shows, and much more.  

    • Stitched

    The name of the show tells a lot. This is another reality show that is quite gripping and interesting to watch. In the show, various designers from North America compete with each other. Everyone possesses a skill of their own and has a different level of design knowledge. The one who wins the competition wins a whopping $10,000.

    • Jane By Design

    This is a great series to watch and enjoy for those who are not into reality shows. High-ranking fashion executive, Gray Chandler is the star of the show. Her new assistant must keep her true age a secret because she was hired believing she was an adult. She quickly discovers that working for a high-profile boss brings in enemies; for her, it’s Gray’s former assistant. She still retains affection for her old crush Nick in her school, but her ally in the form of the alluring senior designer Jeremy also likes her. Billy, Jane’s closest friend, assists her in keeping her secret as she leads two lives.  

    • Just Shoot Me!

    The story is linked to a famous magazine publishing house and the employees’ lives. This comedy show mainly focuses on the magazine and how things change when the owner, Jack Gallo, brings in new talent. Maya, his daughter, is hired to write for the publication, but she is very short-tempered. Meanwhile, there is Nina, who is a superficial former model. She is the one to challenge Maya at every step, creating chaos. With more such characters, the ultimate aim is to keep the business afloat, and the outcomes are genuinely hilarious. 

    • Project Runway Junior

    Another series that takes a peep into the fashion world, Project Runway Junior, is about allowing contestants to explore their potential and reach the top. In this show, 12 contestants compete with each other to win a full scholarship to FIDM in California. All the contestants are below 18 years of age, and the winner will also get $25000 to start their own line. 

    The story revolves around the lives of two sisters. Julia Sugarbaker is an ambitious and elegant lady who, with the support of her sister diva, Suzanne, plans to start a design firm. The two have great plans supported by close friends Mary Jo and Charlene. But there is another supporter who is ex-con Anthony. He is known to offer advice to women even when they didn’t ask for it. The series shows how the team works and makes their dream firm with all the challenges. 


    Well, there is no doubt that watching fashion shows is a fantastic experience. It gives you insight into the latest fashion trends and do’s and don’ts when it comes to styling yourself. From reality shows to sitcoms based on the fashion world themes, you will get a pretty great collection on Hulu. Though there are chances that the platform is unavailable for use in your region, you can always rely on a VPN service to gain access to the site.

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