How to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

    Winter is fast approaching and this can be a stressful time for motorists. Shorter days mean lower visibility, plus the weather conditions can also make the roads slippery and unpredictable so it is understandable that people feel nervous driving at this time of the year. On top of all this, the freezing temperatures can also take their toll on your automobile. This is why it is so important that you know how to get your car ready for winter – read on to find out how.

    Check the Battery

    The battery can suffer in the cold during the colder months of the year and you do not want to be stuck with a dead battery when you have somewhere that you need to be. This is why you should test the battery, charge it up and drive your vehicle at least once a week. If possible, park the vehicle in a garage to offer some protection.

    Get a Winter Service

    It is always a smart idea to get your car serviced just before winter settles in so that you can ensure that the vehicle is in tip-top condition and reduce the chance of experiencing an issue during the colder months. A winter service will involve carrying out all of the key maintenance tasks and this should help you to feel more confident behind the wheel. You could look into lease deals if your car needs a lot of work done and will not be a safe or reliable car to drive during winter.

    Pack an Emergency Kit

    You should always have an emergency kit in the car during winter just in case you break down or have an accident. There are a number of things that should be in this kit, including:

    • Torch
    • Blankets
    • High vis clothing
    • Water and snacks
    • Phone charger
    • Shovel
    • De-icer
    • Jump leads
    • First aid kit

    Check the Tires

    If you end up in a smash and have to make a car accident claim against another driver, you must be sure that your vehicle is always in the best possible condition for any type of weather. Tires are something we can overlook, but in winter, they are the foundation for how safe you will be, especially if something happens. It is vital that your tires are in good enough condition to grip the roads and allow for a safe braking distance in the winter months. This is why you should check the tread depth and replace your tires if they are less than 3mm (1.6mm is the legal minimum) and inspect the tires for signs of damage. If you live somewhere where you get a lot of snow and ice in winter then it might be worth switching to winter tires, which offer superior grip on the road and can make driving in winter conditions a lot safer.

    Every motorist needs to prepare for the winter months as this can be a challenging time to drive even for an experienced motorist. These are a few of the best ways to get your car prepared that will hopefully allow you to drive safely and with confidence during the winter months.

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