How Does Insights Work?

    The Insights analytics tool tracks and reports data about mobile app builds. With better understanding of build and test performance, and credit data, teams can release more frequently with confidence. Start using it *today.

    Your engineers need to be unblocked

    No more waiting around for builds that cost you money and time. Diagnose and remove bottlenecks quickly. Having visibility into build data like duration, minutes, and success rates across apps, workflows, and steps makes it easy to isolate build issues that are causing delays per workflow.

    Code that is of high quality

    Find out what’s causing code releases to fail so you can optimise them immediately. App quality directly impacts the user experience and the business, so insights into your apps, workspaces, workflows, branches, step lists, and builds can help your teams deliver stable value quickly.

    Providing quick, quality releases and improving user experience

    With more frequent releases, you can improve build visibility. Using our colourful build graphs, troublesome dependencies are not only easy to spot, but they also direct you to the build logs where performance is being hurt. The more frequent your app releases, the more engagement it will gain, and the more monthly users it will gain.

    Reduced build times

    You should eliminate flaky tests instead of turning them off or disregarding them. By aggregating the 50th and 95th percentiles of build performance, Build Insights helps find flaky tests or inefficiencies in test suites. Anomalies can be located quickly and flaky tests can be avoided from accumulating.

    Utilize credit efficiently

    The same way you navigate performance metrics, you can plan and budget your credit usage. Locating that information with expensive step, or monitoring change impact of a build on usage of credits, to optimize them.

    Analyze Insights

    You can track metrics detailing the performance of your Bitrise builds using Build Insights. Optimize your builds by tracking metrics at the app, workflow, and step levels.

    The Build Insights process

    Each Workspace has its own instance of Build Insights. Insights tracks all metrics of the apps in a Workspace. There are two main types of metrics you can view for each app:

    On an app’s page, you can check aggregated metrics for the app’s builds, including detailed information about Workflows and Steps.

    Analyze the detailed metrics for each test case of an app, including data on individual test runs.

    Build Insights Pro

    Build Insights Pro aims to make it even easier for you to measure and react to changes in performance more quickly, analyze historical data, and drill down into detailed metrics about your test cases, in addition to Workflow- and Step performance.

    With Build Insights Pro, you can:

    Check your historical data from the last two years.

    You can see all data and metrics for your test cases.

    Set a custom timeframe when viewing your data.

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