The ultimate road trip essentials checklist

    Recently, car journeys have been gaining in popularity due to their comfort and affordability. This is a more convenient way of traveling in comparison with a train or plane, but road trips still require much effort and time in order to stay well organized. Traveling by car can be an exciting experience if all the details are carefully managed. So that, in order to make sure you don’t forget anything, we’ve put together a checklist to help you get prepared for a road trip.

    With the rise of automobile rental services, traveling by car has become extremely easy and more common, since today everyone has the opportunity to explore any place in the world without having a car on his own. The main advantage of such services is a wide range of different models of vehicles. This means, in order to travel with a large company, you can rent SUV or opt for a smaller option such as a hatchback or a sedan. Specialists of the rental services can help you to pick up the right vehicle for hire according to your preferences, desires and budget.

    • Documents

    The first thing you need to consider before you set off on a trip is to prepare your packet of documents. Put all of them together in the glove compartment of your car. Additionally, check that you have a license and insurance with you. Keep electronic copies of your documents on your phone as well, since they can come in handy in case of loss of the original.

    • Set of tools

    When going on a long journey by car, a minimum set of tools is a must. Unfortunately, a breakdown on the road can happen to anyone and there may not be a workshop nearby in order to help you reparer the automobile. Therefore, every car owner should be ready to fix a minor problem on his own. For this purpose, pack the following tools into the boot of your car: a tow rope, a canister of fuel, a set of keys, as well as spare wire and battery to charge your gadgets, including your phone.

    • First aid kit

    When on a trip, especially a long one, it’s better to go beyond the basic first aid kit. Take along such first aid supplies as antipyretics, broad-spectrum painkillers, styptics, anti-seasickness medication and pills for abdominal pain. Also, while putting together a first aid kit, consider the medical needs of everyone who is going to be traveling with you. Be sure to take medication that can manage the symptoms of chronic illnesses in case of emergency.

    • Extra stuff

    According to the traffic regulations, every vehicle must be equipped with a fire extinguisher, a warning triangle and a reflective waistcoat. Take time to check that you have everything prepared in advance. For extra comfort, take some pillows and a duvet, as they can be handy for your companions. A supply of water and hygiene items are also essential.

    Do not forget to get plenty of rest and sleep before you set off on a journey so that you feel comfortable behind the wheel. Also, make sure you have a navigator or download a map app on your smartphone instead. In order to add atmosphere you can compile a playlist of your favorite songs. We’re sure you’ll enjoy such a journey and wish you a great trip!

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