The Transitional Pieces You Need In Your Capsule Wardrobe This Autumn

    Although there is an art to changing your wardrobe for each season, adjusting to autumn is typically one of the simpler transitions throughout the year. After all, many of your summer staples will still look great in late September as they did in late August; all they require is a minor adjustment, like adding a new layer or switching up your go-to accessories.

    How can a seasonal capsule wardrobe be useful?

    Your ability to modify the essential components of a capsule wardrobe for several seasons will rely on your lifestyle and fashion tastes. A well-chosen white shirt, for instance, should look excellent in the summer with fitted shorts and equally appealing in the winter with a knitted skirt and knee-high boots. Having said that, we discover that some wardrobe heroes are more suited to a given season than others. for the fall? Consider wearing brogues, light knits, and trench coats.

    How do you create a capsule wardrobe for autumn?

    An autumn 2022 capsule wardrobe collection consists of multifunctional pieces that, when worn properly, ought to fit in with your current wardrobe. When layered under a chunky knit, a flowy summer dress can take on stormy winds, a white t-shirt and jeans outfit may be transformed into autumnal attire with the help of an oversized trench coat, and a summer mini can acquire a cold weather edge when paired with thick-soled Chelsea boots. Whatever your aesthetic is, whether as fashionably feminine as the latest Florentina Leitner collection or a little on the adrogynous side, the key is to take adaptation and versatility into account.

    However, keep in mind that neutrals aren’t boring, and that when the nights start to get shorter, pops of colour and print are essential. A striking skirt or a shirt with bold stripes can work well.


    Anything goes when it comes to choosing a cardigan: belted, oversized, cropped and adorable, louche and longline, and the list goes on. Just make sure your fashion sense is current and stylish; avoid overly formal items and choose instead for tank tops, denim, and casual accessories.

    Maxi Dresses

    Considering how versatile the printed maxi dress is, it should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. The tiered skirt and autumnal florals on Boden’s make it particularly adaptable; once summer is past, ground yours with knee boots.

    Knitted Tanks

    The tank top is a novel option to try in 2022. The alpaca-wool garment by Arket has a clean crew collar and cut hemline. You could do a French tuck into a pair of wide-leg pants, or layer it over a long-sleeve blouse or shirt.

    The Trench Coat

    The trench coat is at the top of our list for obvious reasons. This coat is not only always in style, but it is always practical. Additionally, we’re just as likely to wear it on top of a summery dress as we are to wear sweaters underneath.

    The White Shirt And Other Basics

    The white shirt is always a basic, but it’s having a bit of a moment this season. If you want to keep up with trends, look out for long cuffs and point collars. Jigsaws may be worn open over tank tops now, tucked into midi skirts for the fall, and layered under dresses for the winter.

    If you don’t think you’d go for this option in terms of comfort, maybe checking out other items of clothing; this could be anywhere from arm warmers, hats, ear muffs, or perhaps visit some The Good Feet Store reviews for your next pair of autumn chill-resistant socks.

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