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    When meeting guests, any responsible and conscientious gamer will not throw the controller into a corner but will invite them to play. After all, playing video games with a company is even more fun and exciting and warms up competitive interest. Even if the guests came to you spontaneously, you can always offer to have a great time, but if you are intentionally expecting friends to play, get ready and find out what video games are best to play with a group of friends. Alone or in a company, you can always play the best games on Game Karma.

    Trine 2: Complete Story

    If you remember Lost Vikings, the iconic game of the nineties, you will feel like history is going in circles. Three heroes with unique abilities, physical puzzles, incredible adventures, and breathtaking animation. The off-screen voice only decorates Trine and helps those who are too lazy to read the dialogue. The puzzles are quite simple but still so tricky that they make you feel the pleasure of passing through. Running together is more fun, and the Complete Story edition also contains additional chapters for more than three hours. In some places, the fairy tale seems too cloying and casual, but, on the other hand, this is really one of the best games for the company.

    LEGO Lord of the Rings

    If you find yourself in the company of someone who doesn’t like video games, try to convince them to play LEGO Lord of the Rings with you, the film’s adaptation of the open-world game. A painfully familiar plot and good jokes are provided. This is a kind and family game, any player can leave at any time, without much risk to pass. And even if the whole family goes to bed, there’s a good chance that in the morning, they’ll find you still sitting with the controller, getting the final achievement in some crazy mini-game like Lego pig racing.

    Rayman Legends

    Rayman Legends is made with love, radiates fun, and gives you so many levels that the perfect passage will drag on for several tens of hours. In addition, the entire previous part of Rayman Origins, available as a free bonus, was redrawn in new bright colors. Simply put, this is one of the best platform games of our time, and it only wins if you play in the company. The game has minor problems: levels are difficult to pass for a while together, and if there are even more players, it’s easy to get confused about who is where on the screen. But at the end of each world, a special musical level is hidden, which is an unforgettable stream of happiness, like Eye of the Tiger, played by a mariachi band.


    If your friends are hardcore gamers who are not afraid to play levels multiple times, calculate pixels, and get their hands on additional challenges, then Jamestown is your option. It’s a vertical scroller where the enemies rain bullets and lasers on the screen, and your main task is to maneuver between them. Fans of the genre will appreciate that the game is quite difficult already on Normal, and new players will appreciate the low entry threshold and note the backgrounds made in the style of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Laputa Castle in the Sky.

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