Amazing ways to style your jewelry

    If you love your jewelry, you’ll never want to take it off! But sometimes, you might find yourself with more jewelry than outfits that can handle it, and then you’ll need to get creative about how to style all your different pieces of jewelry like a moissanite solitaire rings. That’s where these five amazing ways to style your jewelry come into play—they’re gorgeous, feminine and fun! You won’t be bored with these styles anytime soon!

    The art of layering

    The art of layering is all about playing with different textures and patterns, and finding combinations that make you feel good. One way to do this is by layering necklaces. You can layer long necklaces with shorter ones, or layer necklaces made of different materials (i.e., wood and metal). The possibilities are endless! If you want an ultra-feminine look, stack delicate pearls on a gold chain for an elegant touch. A little more bohemian? Layer two gemstone beads on a leather cord for a boho vibe.

    Statement pieces

    Statement pieces are one of the best types of jewelry. They instantly make any outfit more interesting and they’re an easy way to wear something daring without having the full commitment. The key is finding a statement piece that suits your taste, like turtle bracelets, and then figuring out how you want to wear it. You can pair it with anything from a t-shirt and jeans to a formal dress.

    Dainty and delicate

    Dainty and delicate necklaces can be worn with a simple top, or layered with other necklaces for a more dressy outfit. They are perfect for the fall season and give that extra touch of femininity. Another way to wear dainty pieces is by adding them as accessories. The options are endless when it comes to finding new ways to wear them! A bracelet on one arm and necklace on the other, or long strands of bracelets – no matter how you choose to style them they are sure to look fabulous.

    Mixing metals

    Mixing metals is a great way to give a more unique look to your jewelry. Two pieces of the same metal can be worn at once, or you can wear one piece of gold and one piece of silver. This technique is perfect for those who want an eclectic look without going too far outside the box. It also looks beautiful when layered with other accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.


    Personalizing your earrings with a simple, elegant tattoo design is one of the best ways to keep them looking fresh and new. The good news is that you don’t have to be an artist with a steady hand and precise eye in order to create something beautiful. All you need is an image on your computer or phone, some earrings, and maybe a stencil if you want it done fast. You can always make adjustments or go back in later for touch-ups.

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