What Is A Seedbox And How Do You Use One?

    If you use torrents to download files regularly, then you might have noticed that this method is not quite perfect. When you share these files you have to use “seeds,” which uses your bandwidth, and if you are doing it without a VPN, you also have to share your IP address.

    That is why Seedboxes are made; to avoid both of these problems. So, you should use a Seedbox coupled with Torrenting VPNs to stay safe and save your bandwidth while torrenting.

    Let’s get into the details of what Seedboxes are and why you need one.

    What Is a Seedbox?

    Seedboxes are virtual servers that are optimized to do torrenting. They usually contain only torrenting programs in them and offer fast internet. So, instead of using your computer, you do all your torrenting and downloading files on a web server.

    This allows you to seed data without consuming your internet and even using it on your pc. Moreover, a seedbox keeps your IP address unseen as your device never directly downloads or uploads any file.

    How You Use Seedboxes

    Nowadays, you can find seed providers online. Exact guidelines differ, but most of the seedboxes operate in a similar way. You will get an email including a URL link and your account information after you sign up for a seedbox supplier.

    An online browser may be used to access more than one seedbox. When you first log in, you will get an option to install one from many torrent software.

    To start a torrent, find a torrent file on your system and drag it into the torrent software. Even with the window closed, the seedbox will proceed to torrent the opened file.

    You can save the file available on seedbox to your PC after the downloading completes. FTP software is used to download files or you can download them directly from your web browser.

    Seedbox Pros and Cons

    Seedboxes are not mandatory for torrenting. A VPN can offer privacy at a lesser cost. Here are some pros & cons of seedboxes.


    Here are some reasons why you should consider getting a seedbox.

    Mask The IP Address

    Your IP address is concealed by a seedbox. If someone wants to find who is trying to access a certain torrent, the only thing they will see is a seedbox address, not the actual one. Your seedbox supplier can see your IP address. However, many providers have zero-log policies.

    Offer Super Speed

    Seedboxes are built to produce fast speeds for both seeding and downloading rates. Many internet service providers don’t give particularly fast upload speed, yet seedboxes don’t experience this issue. This is especially helpful if you intend to keep your upload ratio high.

    Allows You to Seed With Your Computer From Far

    A seedbox enables you to seed the files without demanding any work from your system. This is perfect if you desire to seed files regularly but don’t like to leave your computer on the whole time. It is also handy if you don’t like your seed consuming your bandwidth.

    Allows You to Seed Without Storage Space

    Sometimes, people delete the files that they might normally seed in order to save storage capacity on their devices. A seedbox permits you to erase files from your computer while still seeding them.


    Here are a few reasons why using seedboxes is not popular.

    Still Need To Download Files Through Seedbox

    When you get a file downloaded into a seedbox, you have to download it once more to your computer in order to use the specific file. This tells us that irrespective of how quick a seedbox is, it doesn’t provide a faster download rate overall. Some seedboxes also enable you to stream multimedia files. However, this service is not always available.

    Public Trackers Support Missing From Some

    Some seedboxes prohibit using public torrent sites. This is because public torrent servers are frequently monitored for illegal actions. If a seedbox does not allow the tracker you’re currently using, it’s not hard to find a suitable private substitute.

    Don’t Usually Offer Unlimited Space

    The majority of seedboxes don’t offer infinite storage capacity. As a result, you can lose access to your data if you do not make an offline file of them.

    More Costly Than VPNs

    Seedboxes are often more costly than VPNs. Nevertheless, if you torrent frequently and seek the extra features, a seedbox may be worth the cost. A VPN, on the other hand, provides affordable privacy and is ideal for all forms of online browsing.

    Seedbox Or VPN: What to Get?

    Because both help you mask your IP address, seedboxes are frequently used instead of VPNs. However, these are two quite distinct items and mostly used for downloading, streaming etc. A seedbox is a storage location for torrenting programs and their data files. Your traffic passes through an extra server using a VPN, however, all torrenting is always done on your machine.

    Seedboxes are solely used for torrenting purposes, but a VPN may conceal data flowing into and out of your computer.

    VPNs may be preferable for torrenting as they provide encryption. This is a service that not every seedbox provides, which means that your ISP may be aware of the content you’re downloading when you download something from a seedbox. A VPN also includes various servers, giving you the option of alternative IP addresses, and enabling you to employ a VPN to circumvent location limitations.

    Many torrent clients favor seedboxes as they give an adequate amount of privacy while also providing additional features. Seedboxes also help you to torrent quicker, but VPNs might probably make torrenting a little slower.

    It’s worth mentioning that you can utilize both a VPN and a seedbox simultaneously. Most seedboxes also are offered with a VPN.

    Are Seedboxes Really Worth Spending Money?

    Seedboxes are important torrenting tools; however, you can definitely torrent without them. A VPN is a supposed better choice if all you want to do is stay private. VPNs are less expensive, enabling you to evade geo-restrictions, and are effective for all forms of internet traffic.

    However, it is entirely dependent on the fact that how frequently you use torrents. Torrenting from your own computer consumes bandwidth and disk space, and the device has to be on in order to seed. Seedboxes eliminate all these disquiets, and the price you pay may be worth it all if you do frequent torrenting.

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