Which Style of Earring Suits Your Personality? Everything You Need to Know

    From royal family members to online influencers, earrings have been an essential jewelry staple across cultures and throughout history. 

    As a minor accessory or the focal point of an ensemble, earrings give a glimpse of our character to the outside world. 

    The right earrings complement not only our outfits, but our personalities as well. From studs to tassels, do you know what your earrings are saying about you? There are countless types, but it all comes down to your choices within those styles that communicate who you really are. 

    Here’s a breakdown of what earrings say about your personality and how to express yourself with these timeless jewelry favorites. 

    Quiet Elegance: Shy Types

    Sometimes you don’t want to make a splash with your bling. For a chilled, subdued approach, start with smaller earring sizes, simple shapes, and neutral classic colors. 

    The intention is to complement your ensemble without trying to attract attention. With a simple white diamond or crystal stud, like cubic zirconia, you’re communicating simple elegance. This also applies to other stud materials, like pearl, a staple of the late Queen Elizabeth’s ensemble throughout her reign.

    For understated hoops and huggies, simple metals, typically silver or silver plated, or metal with small white diamonds or crystal insets can create a similar look and feel. 

    For hanging earrings, the simpler the better, with clean lines for just a twinkle of sparkle to let your outfit do the rest.

    These styles are accompanied by personality traits of patience, good manners, and typically good posture.

    Sophisticated Edge: Dressing Up

    With earrings, it can be difficult to stop at just one piercing. For those with multiple piercings, ears can be elegantly decorated with multiple studs. 

    Utilizing studs of varying sizes in an ascending pattern, the adjacent piercings can be leveraged for an edgy twist on a classic elegant style.

    You can also use hoops to show sophistication, but the right size and shape make a difference. “Huggies” is the term used to refer to smaller hoops. They’re small enough that when worn, there’s very little space between the inner diameter of the hoop and the ear; in that sense, they “hug” the ear. Varying material styles, such as interspersing solid silver hoops with gem-encrusted hoops, can create an edgy look with some refinement.

    Paired with the right hairstyle, dangling earrings can add a clean line to your ensemble. Recent trends show models wearing a singular long earring, usually a straight line, that hangs at least down to the shoulder; this can elevate a simple black dress to the next level.

    For men, whether one or both ears are pierced, a simple small hoop or stud can add a dash of flash to formal wear, like suits. Be mindful of materials, as it’s a balancing act to ensure sophistication doesn’t drift into a costume. Matte black materials have always been a reliable option, or the industrial flattened silver or wire thin gold.

    These styles are usually worn with an upright posture, open attitude, and cool confidence.

    Fun and Playful: Carefree Vibes

    When feeling playful, coordinate colored gems that align with your birthstone or your mood to help add a pop of color. If you have a creative streak, metal studs can be cut into a variety of shapes or symbols to add a bit of character.

    Tarnished metals, colorful plastic, or rainbow gems are all fair game when the mood is fun and carefree. For shapes, larger hoops or huggies earrings can be square, star, oval, etc. With a combination of styles, materials, and colors, you can use them to express any emotion.

    When wearing these expressive earrings, be sure to follow up with a light and breezy demeanor, ready for anything fun and exciting.  

    Bold and Big: Making a Statement

    The bigger the bolder when it comes to earrings. But the question remains: how big do you intend to go? There are no limits, as long as you keep principles of proportion in mind.

    Style also matters with the “go big or go home” approach. Opting for bright colors, eye-catching gems, or interesting shapes means you aim to make a statement. In this case, the earrings may be the focal point of your outfit that can turn heads or start a conversation. 

    There are options for every style, from large stud gems to tassel hanging earrings that can suit any occasion. There are also non-pierced ear options, such as ear cuffs, that can add a bit of fun flair. Made popular in the 60s, large hoops have evolved with the times, with wireframes to industrial metals to emphasize an aesthetic.

    A special mention must also be made for unconventional piercings, such as gauges, barbells, and tragus piercings. These styles open up another avenue for creative expression that can run the gambit of materials and sizes.

    Your Earrings, Your Expression

    Put your personality on display with jewelry for the ears, any way you want. Earrings can be used shaped to your mood, make a statement, or simply express your style to the world.

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