How to Host a Virtual Casino Night

    The virtual casino trend is growing in popularity and a virtual casino night is a fun event that is sure to help strengthen bonds between employees or friends, providing hours of entertainment to groups generally made up of up to 100 people. Technology allows people to host these events regardless of the location of each player, which makes for an ideal scenario to socialize and have fun at the same.

    There are two ways in which people can host virtual casino nights. Although some may prefer to go for the most traditional option, we believe that our provided alternative could prove to be more fun (and potentially more lucrative) than what’s become standard. Read on and take your pick. 

    Revealed: A Fun Way to Host a Virtual Casino Night

    Even though there are companies that specialize in hosting these sorts of events, there is one fantastic alternative that you could implement if you’re looking to up things up a notch: hosting a virtual casino night with a real online casino, without risking real money, but with the chance to earn real cash when the evening gets to a close.

    If that sounds even better than a classic virtual casino night, then follow these steps to host the event with coworkers, friends, or family!

    • Have each participant visit any of the best no deposit bonus casinos (everyone should play on the same site, to make it fair for all attendants).
    • Be sure to create a group call in a messaging service like Zoom or Skype. To have the most fun, everyone should be on the same call.
    • Ensure that every participant is playing on a different IP. Ideally, everyone will be at home, as most no deposit bonus casinos do not allow a no deposit bonus to be claimed twice from within the same location.
    • Get each player to create an account on the casino and claim its no deposit bonus upon verifying their account.
    • Once everyone is ready, set a timer for the event. Virtual casino nights generally last at least two hours.
    • Activate the timer and have everyone play with their no deposit bonuses.
    • As soon as the time ends, have everyone show their account balance. Attendants with the largest balance will be deemed winners!

    How to Host a Virtual Casino Night – The Traditional Way

    Hosting a virtual casino night with a game host is the easiest way to get started if you’re ready to pay up and have someone else do the hard work. Before hosting an event, it’s important to be aware that the cost of each event varies based on how many people will participate, as well as how many tables you’d like to have available during the event.

    These are the steps to follow if you want to host a virtual casino night:

    1. Select the service provider of your choice. Fun Casino Nights or Team Bonding Virtual Events are two of the best out there, both in terms of quality and in terms of pricing.  
    2. Select how many games and tables you’d like to have available for your event. This will increase the number of dealers that you’ll have at your disposal, which will also increase the overall price of the event.
    3. Choose the platform from which everyone will connect. Be sure to communicate this to the event hosts, as they will ensure that the event is transmitted via your method of choice. 
    4. You’ll be quoted a price before agreeing to the event. If you’re on board, finalize the payment and get started.
    5. Once everything’s set up, inform all participants and follow the host’s instructions as to how to begin.

    Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Casino Night

    Hosting a virtual casino night can be done is common among coworkers, as these events are often held by employers to generate a stronger office culture. Two main benefits come with hosting a virtual casino night, however, and they cannot be underestimated: 

    • Serves as a fantastic group option for stress relief: Regardless of whether you want to play with a group of friends or host a virtual casino night for office members, the activity is an amazing way to relieve stress among participants.
    • Could be a nice way for some to earn extra money: Although hosting a virtual casino night rarely involves real money because of legal issues, opting to play in an online casino could allow some members of the team to win some extra cash on top of having fun while doing it!Virtual Gambling Has Never Been Easier!

    Decide which type of virtual casino night you want to host and get ready to have fun: hiring a virtual host can be just as fun as getting the group together via a Skype or Zoom call and playing in the world’s best no deposit casinos – it’s up to you to choose which one you prefer!

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