Is Disney’s Animated Movie ‘Strange World’ Kid-Friendly? Here’s a Quick Look

    Disney’s animated movie “Strange World” is set to be released this November, and it is already receiving a lot of buzzes. The film is about a family set to explore an unknown world and uncover its secrets. The movie will surely provide a thrilling adventure full of magic, mystery, and danger as they traverse this strange land. With the help of their magical friends, they’ll discover creatures and places they have never seen on Earth. But is this movie appropriate for kids? Read on to take a quick look at the content and decide for yourself.


    When it comes to the language used in the movie, it should be suitable for children of all ages. There is no profanity or crude language used throughout the film. This means your children can enjoy the story without worrying about hearing anything inappropriate. The strange world characters are all family-friendly and cheerful, which makes the movie suitable even for the little ones. However, some scenes contain mild peril, so parents should review the film before showing it to their young children. 

    If possible, watch it with your children so you can explain any words or concepts that may be too advanced for them. For example, the words “anomaly” or “paradox” may be used in the movie. It can easily confuse younger viewers as their vocabulary may not yet be developed enough to understand these terms. Similarly, words such as “magical” or “transcendent” may be unfamiliar to your young viewers, but these can easily be explained in a way they will understand.

    Plot and content

    The movie’s plot revolves around a family discovering an unknown world full of hidden secrets and magical creatures. They explore this strange land with the help of some new and mysterious friends, encountering dangers along the way. They also learn essential life lessons about friendship and loyalty as they continue their journey. The movie’s overall tone is lighthearted, with plenty of humor and action to keep viewers engaged. When your kids watch the movie, they’ll be able to experience the excitement of exploration and the joys of friendship.

    However, some scenes in the movie may not be suitable for young viewers. There is violence and peril in the form of wild creatures and other dangers, so parents should ensure they’re comfortable with their children watching it before showing it to them. If your child does watch it, talk about the themes and lessons presented in the movie so they can learn from them. Parents should be prepared to explain if they don’t understand why certain things happen in the film. 

    Violence and scary scenes

    The movie does contain some violence and action sequences, but it should not be overly intense for children. For instance, wild animals chase and attack characters, as well as confrontations between characters. However, there is no excessive violence or gore, and the movie’s tone remains lighthearted. The scenes with peril should not be too distressing for young viewers, although they should prepare them for any danger they may encounter in the real world. It is a PG-rated movie, so parents must decide what they believe their children can handle.

    Animation and visuals

    The animation of “Strange World” is some of the most beautiful visuals Disney has ever created. The vibrant colors and characters are incredibly expressive, creating a visual feast for young viewers. Every scene is filled with detail and life, allowing kids to immerse themselves in the strange and magical world. Your kid’s imagination will be sparked and captivated by the movie’s incredible visuals. The film is visually stunning and a must-watch for anyone who loves animation.

    But you need to be aware of the short spurts of flashing lights that may trigger seizures in some viewers. Parents should be on the lookout for these moments and ensure their children are safe if they decide to watch this movie. Be warned about photosensitivity, as it may affect some viewers, such as children with autism, people with epilepsy, or those who suffer from migraines. Rest assured that the scenes with flashing lights are brief, and the movie does not contain lengthy sequences that could cause discomfort.

    Lessons learned

    When watching a movie with your kids, it’s essential to talk about the presented themes and values. “Strange World” has many valuable lessons that can be discussed afterward, such as friendship, courage, loyalty, and adventure. These conversations will help your children understand the movie more deeply and learn to apply those principles in their daily lives. Furthermore, there is some product placement in the film, so pay attention to that. Kids are especially vulnerable to this kind of advertising, which can impact their purchasing decisions, so be aware.

    The PG rating explained

    The movie is rated PG due to some of the film’s violence, peril, and scary images. The PG rating is meant to provide parents with advanced information about a movie’s content so they can make an informed decision about whether or not it is suitable for their children. In this case, parents should use their discretion as there are scenes potentially distressing young viewers. For instance, children with autism could be susceptible to loud noises and flashing lights. But in general, it is a fun movie that should appeal to children of all ages.

    PG stands for Parental Guidance and highlights films that contain material that may be unsuitable for children under 13. The rating also flags any themes or images that could be potentially disturbing, such as violence or peril. It is important to remember that PG-rated films may still contain content that young viewers would not understand or find uncomfortable. So parents should always supervise their children when watching a PG-rated movie and ensure they are prepared for any potential issues.

    Overall, Disney’s “Strange World” looks like it will be an exciting adventure for adults and children alike. With its kid-friendly language, plot, and content, parents can rest assured that their children will be in good hands while watching this movie. So if you’re looking for an exciting family-friendly adventure, “Strange World” might be worth checking out.

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