Skee Mask Remixes Gold Panda’s ‘Plastic Future’

    Gold Panda has shared a Skee Mask remix of ‘Plastic Future’, a single from his latest album The Work. Listen to it below.

    “The first time I heard Skee Mask was on a rainy bus journey on a gloomy weekday from my house to the city,” Derwin Dicker said in a statement. “’50 Euro To Break Boost’ fit perfectly with vehicle lights filtered through rain streaming down the windows. I’m so lucky to have a remix and to hear that he liked my music. It’s nice to find out that ‘Lucky Shiner’ was a gateway drug into electronic music for a lot of people who are now making music much better than mine haha. I feel like this remix has all the hallmarks of a classic Skee track. It’s proper!”

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