Exquisite Engagement Rings for Women at Friendly Diamonds

    The Friendly Diamond brand is deeply determined to craft eco-friendly diamonds that become an ageless and priceless piece of jewelry.

    The need for you to be just as proud of your engagement ring setting 20 years from now as you were on Day One lingers heavily.

    Adorning a beautiful engagement ring that is perched on your ring finger has a lengthy history that dates back to ancient times. At the time, it served as a sign for the bride getting the dowry. It has now evolved into the love emblem that we recognize today.

    The engagement ring offers the promise of marriage and symbolizes devotion and dedication to the beloved spouse.

    The shape of the ring itself reveals its meaning: it is circular, with no beginning or end, and has come to signify perfection, eternity, and everlasting love all over the world.

    Today, more than 90% of men present rings to their loved ones when they become engaged. Men only receive engagement rings on the wedding day, though.

    The extravagant engagements and several celebrity couples with lavish rings make sure that the romantic custom is not quickly forgotten.

    The popular engagement ring custom will likely continue until the following generation since young people like copying the traditions of superstars.

    Following trends while aiming for timeless design may seem contradictory. Yet, trends in women’s engagement rings are usually an excellent representation of a certain period in time, suggestive of a shared mood or an intriguing new development.

    Gold is, however, one of the favorite picks for ring bands. Compared to platinum, gold is shinier, and it brings out the classiness in you, specifically white gold engagement rings.

    Further, when the dainty diamond is perched on yellow gold engagement rings or rose gold engagement rings or includes a platinum and silver finishing, it makes them some of the few ring band materials available in the market.

    Therefore at Friendly Diamonds, we find the working and finesse of classic trends to be fascinating. And hence, choosing a brand as unique and modern as Friendly Diamond can be an additional advantage.

    This US based online jewelry store strongly believes in the growth of the lab diamond market as they are eco-friendly and conflict-free. Listed below are two of the most popular engagement rings at Friendly Diamonds.

    Anna Hidden Accents Halo Ring

    The Anna Diamond Ring’s main attraction is a gleaming solitaire held in place by four prongs, providing enough protection while allowing its brightness to shine.

    A floating halo of tiny pave set diamonds is seen a step below, enclosing the solitaire and emphasizing the center.

    Della Three Stone Side Pear Diamond Ring

    While the solitaire rests nicely on four prongs, the Della three stone ring features two side diamonds that are pear-shaped and are each positioned in a three prong arrangement.

    The cathedral-style shank gives the piece a sleek touch, gently tapering towards the top to highlight the glitter of this gorgeous three stone lab diamond ring.

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