5 ways to make extra income as a part time student-intern

    All of us have been there, done that. As students, when you’ve multiple costs piling up in your expense sheet, your budget starts taking a toll. When there are expenditures involved in almost every step of our journey, it is always better to have some extra sources of income — ones that can help us make more money without compromising upon the learning part of it. Here are five of the easiest ways out there to make money as a student or an intern, without giving up upon the fun. Read along!

    Be a gamer (plus one if you can Livestream)

    We can’t stress this enough. Like what in the world can beat a more fun experience than gaming? And, what if you could earn from it? Calm down upon your curiosity buds and understand that there are a number of games like judi slot gacor , and many others available in the market that can help you win real cash, provided you learn the subtle art of gaming, and be pro at it without risking it all. While some games like judi slot terpercaya can make you win big, you can also be a gamer cum youtuber and earn via livestreams, uploads and sponsorships. Who knows which of your videos go viral and you start minting money like there’s no tomorrow?

    Become a tutor — a great way to learn and earn

    Those who share what they know with others never have to worry about the deficit of it. Knowledge is something that grows with you, and the more you share the better it gets. And, that is why tutions can be a great way for students to make extra money while being stacked up with what they already know. The best thing about being a tutor is the flexibility and the initiative it provides to be in sync with things one already knows and understands. Also, the ability to embark knowledge upon people who really need it in the first place is priceless.

    Online Surveys — they’re still great and they actually pay

    Ah, we know you’ve read from a number of sources about making some extra income with online surveys. But then, something or the other has stopped you from even trying them out. Right? Well, Online surveys are good if you do not want to spend a lot of time in  your part time gig. All you need to do is, have an internet connection and sign up with a number of survey aggregators and online surveying platforms, and wait for them to share relevant information regarding open surveys with you, and companies that are inviting applicants for paid market research and surveys. 

    Become a dropshipper — a goldmine of opportunities

    No matter how hard someone tries to convince you about the notion of dropshipping being dead, do not listen to it. People generally presume that dropshipping goods from a supplier to a customer can be expensive, but that is not just true. You can get suppliers who can ship quality products at cheap prices at Alibaba, and you can also stumble upon that potential customer via Amazon — both of which don’t charge a penny to register. Also you can sell items via Facebook marketplace and other social media, which again brings us to the title — a goldmine for opportunities. 

    Start a blog — the affiliate way of doing things

    You’ve been here in the past — a time when you stumbled upon that video to make good mullahs via blogging. Well, some things do not change and do not age. Nothing ever in this world can beat the power of quality content, and when you add the SEO capabilities, link building and affiliate marketing to the prospects, you have a potential money minting machine — that can soon turn into a full time gig. Also, unlike the popular idea of blogs costing you some cash, it is actually free. You can get a free domain from blogspot or wordpress, and affiliate links from leading marketplaces and brands you would want to promote according to your niche. Pretty sleek!

    Final Verdict

    If you have an online connection and a cup of coffee, you can accomplish almost anything and everything — right from being a gamer to running your own blog. The bottom line is the ease that internet provides all of us, how differences have been eliminated with time and how all of us have an equal shot to make more money and be financially independent, along the way. Making money on the internet is easier than scrolling through it. Take action, and you’re good to succeed! 

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