How to control the authenticity of your Omega watch?

    If you hear the word ‘Omega’, the first thing that comes to mind is the sophisticated luxury watches, from the famous designer brand. Omega is a Swiss watch company, which was created back in 1848. Back then the name of the brand was different, and it wasn’t till later on the name ‘Omega’ was created. Since then the brand and products have been developed even more, and today it is one of the top-luxury watches brands in the world.

    If you’re the lucky owner of one of these brilliant watches or you’re thinking about buying one, and want to be able to spot if it is authentic, this read is for you. We will go through different indicators as well as how to pick the right Omega watches for yourself.

    1. What are the indicators of a real Omega watch?

    Omega watches are simply unique for various reasons. The value watches all carry a serial number, which is also an indicator for authentic material. If you’re looking for women’s or men’s Omega watches, check out the engraved numbers which consist of eight numbers.

    Another accurate indicator to be aware of when checking the authenticity of an Omega watch, is how the logo looks on the dial,  as well as checking for spelling errors.  Make sure you choose carefully when buying Omega watches for men, and pick a retailer like Chrono24 which is trustworthy and legit.

    1. How to choose the right Omega watch for the first time?

    The formal and brilliant Omega watches come in different types and designs. If you’re uncertain of which style and product to purchase, you can get professional advice from the trusted and leading retailer in watches, Chrono24. On the website you’ll be able to get at glance at various top-rated Omega watches, such as the famous ‘Speedmaster’, ‘Seamaster’ and ‘Constellation’.

    Each and all of these masterpieces from the famous brand are special in their own ways. With the possibility to choose more classical design, to more advanced and modern looking watches.

    Once you become an Omega watch owner, you’ll own a timeless piece of art. This also means taking very good care of your new purchase. Protecting the watch with a luxury watch roller, may be something to consider. It might even inspire you to get a collection of Omega watches in the future, as it’s a valuable item.

    3. Get to know the Omega watches

    There’s so much to learn about these brilliant luxury watches and the story behind them. Many different types of watches are available with lots of features, which is worth doing some research about. If you want to know more about Omega watches, check out this link.

    Spoil yourself or someone you care for, and give a present that will last years, if not decades. These watches also come with a 5-year warranty, so you have a guarantee when buying one of these fantastic watches.

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