How to choose your own style

    Choosing your style seems easy, but sometimes it’s hard to understand what clothes are better to wear. Some people prefer elegance, some prefer comfort, and others prefer all at once. If you have no idea how to choose your own style, go through this guide and learn how to do it.

    1. Don’t be afraid to express yourself

    No matter how old you are, what your height or weight is, dressing well is a sign of a great style. The important thing is to choose pieces of clothing that will flatter your figure and, above all, in which you will feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time.

    Nothing should be forbidden in terms of fashion. You should try out new clothes, see which types of clothes give you the most pleasure to wear and make you look the way you want to look. You don’t dress for others but for yourself. Pleasing yourself comes first, especially when it comes to something you do every day. Clothes are one of the everyday things that you can express yourself through.

    1. Experiment

    Through clothing style, you reflect a certain image of yourself. It is therefore essential that this image corresponds to your personality, tastes, and passions. To be comfortable and confident, the clothes you wear need to be your “second skin”, so you should ask yourself about what message you want to convey through your looks. Experiment. Search. Imagine.

    To do this, you need to identify your favorite style. How? There’s a very simple trick. On Pinterest, create a board where you will pin looks that you are fond of and that you would like to wear. Even if something feels too bold, pin it anyways. It will help you to easily analyze the style that would make you dress up even at home.

    1. Choose your colors

    Building up a palette of colors that you like is very important in defining your style since colors are visual elements. Do you know that the color of the clothes you wear can even describe your personality? If you are too strict, you may be wearing too much black. If you are too shy, then you are probably wearing more gray and brown clothes. If you are an outgoing person, then there are probably a lot of colorful pieces in your wardrobe.

    There isn’t a rule for that. You can choose the color that suits your complexion or hair, but at the end of the day, it’s a matter of taste. If you like wearing white, go for it. If you know that you prefer yellow but are too afraid to stand out among others, wear it anyway.

    Are you sometimes told that this or that item of clothing brings out your eyes, your hair or makes you look good? What colors are you spontaneously drawn to? What are the colors that attract your eyes? Answer these questions and you will get closer to choosing your favorite clothing colors.

    1. Don’t neglect comfortability

    When you are not comfortable in your clothes, it shows right away. Rather than making you feel cozy and beautiful, uncomfortable clothes get in the way and hamper your movements. You will spend the whole day thinking about how much you want to change.

    Get rid of the materials that make you sweat, the dresses or skirts that are too short and that are impossible to sit in, or the jeans that are too tight which prevents you from being free to move. The question to ask yourself: Am I comfortable enough in this garment to wear it all day and in all circumstances?

    A simple exercise to help you understand your clothing preferences:

    Open your wardrobe, take out all your current clothes, and spread them out on your bed so you can see all of them.

    What are the 5 pieces that you wear all the time, on weekdays and weekends, and that you always end up falling back on when you hesitate for a long time about what to choose in the morning?

    Answer these questions:

    – What are the dominant colors (dark, light, cold, warm)?

    – What are the dominant materials (flexible, rigid, shiny, matte)?

    – What are the dominant shapes (flared, ample, etc.)?

    Tips to apply:

    1. Sort

    Keeping only the pieces you love 100% is the first step to finding your style. You won’t be able to define it if you constantly have clothes in front of you that you don’t particularly like.

    An easy trick to know if you still like a garment is to just ask yourself if you’ve worn it at least once in the last 3 months. If the answer is no, then you are not enjoying it.

    1. Build up a good base of basics

    When you succeed in defining your style, you will probably have a sudden desire to reconstitute your entire wardrobe. If you want to acquire new pieces that you think are your style, don’t overdo it from the start. Don’t push your looks to the extreme give in to temptation. Instead, focus on the basics.

    If needed, take help from reliable and well-known professional stylists. You can try searching for fashion stylists on Fiverr. However, before asking for help from an unknown person, check information about them on Nuwber. You never know who you may be working with.

    1. Always have a few favorite pieces and “cracks”

    The pieces that are called “cracks” are pieces that you don’t necessarily need and/or that may deviate slightly from your usual style. Thanks to these pieces, you will never feel “locked” in your usual wardrobe. It will also prevent you from getting tired of the clothes you wear on a daily basis. Be careful not to accumulate favorite pieces and get caught in your own trap.

    1. Make it diverse

    Your style should stick to your daily life. It should also be available for more specific occasions. There’s no need to put aside your style under the pretext of being invited to a wedding, having a date, or going to the countryside for the weekend. Your style should be suitable for all situations so that you can remain yourself in all circumstances. That is why you need to have a variety of different clothes, from wide-leg trousers to cute cocktail dresses.

    1. Don’t forbid yourself anything in terms of style

    Defining your style today doesn’t mean wearing the same clothes for the rest of your life! Above all, fashion must remain a pleasure. Your style evolves with the seasons, your life, and your moods. Even if in a few years you will understand that you no longer like what you’re wearing, no one is stopping you from changing it and finding your new passion.

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