Top 10 Pet-Friendly Interior Tips for Your Home

    Pets become an intangible part of our lives that pet parents can’t live without. Pet parents indeed adopt a pet-friendly personality because of their fur babies. 

    This pet-friendly personality ultimately ends up all across our home with pet-friendly interiors. We love our pets a lot, so we are considering making our homes suitable for them.

    If you’re a new pet parent or want to make a few pet-friendly changes to your home, then worry not; we have the best tips for you.

    Decorating your home interior to make it pet-friendly can be entertaining and give you some beautiful, unique results. So let’s get started!

    1- Pet inspired artwork

    What better pet-friendly interior for our homes than their pet portraits and pictures.

    Tips on pet-inspired artworks are:

    1. Personal black and white pet portraits 
    2. Pet illustrations
    3. Pet graphics
    4. Family picture with your pet
    5. Canvas-painted photo of your pet
    6. Pet pencil sketch
    7. Paw print painting
    8. Hanging watercolor pet portraits 

    When pet parents include artworks of their fur babies in their pet-friendly interior design, it shows great love, affection, and dedication towards them. It reflects one’s loving personality as well!

    2- A pet bed 

    Pet beds for your pets are a significant element of pet-friendly interior design for your homes. 

    A pet bed can be bought to match the color scheme, the theme of your home, or your pet’s personality.

    Our tip would be to match the patterns and colors of your nearby furniture where you place your pet bed.

    If your pet has a distinct personality, try searching up color meanings and purchasing a pet bed according to that color.

    3- Pet safe areas

    Every house needs a pet-safe area or play zone where the pets can play and relax. 

    Our tips on creating safe pet areas are as follows:

    1. Select a spot with sunlight 
    2. Select a site with excellent ventilation 
    3. Select a place that would get dirty the least
    4. Fill in the space with pet toys
    5. Try keeping the interior minimal around the pet space

    A pet-safe area can be a great addition to constructing a pet-friendly interior for your pets. These personalized areas will give your pets a sense of belonging and comfort. By hanging your pets watercolor pet portrait you could even personalize this space.

    Pet-safe areas or play areas will also keep your pets entertained when you’re outside your home!

    4- Pet toys as statement pieces

    We’re sure you’ve seen a few homes where large pet toys and furniture look like bold statement pieces, such as cat scratching poles.

    Well, believe it or not, pet toys can be a unique statement piece in your pet-friendly interior design.

    Our tips on purchasing unique pet toys for your pet-friendly homes are:

    1. Geometrically shaped toys
    2. Toys that go with the color scheme of your home
    3. Color schemes scratching poles
    4. Plush toys
    5. Stuffed animals

    5- Use pet-safe fabrics for furniture

    If you’ve been a pet parent for a long time, you must know the dilemma of cleaning up pet fur sticking to your furniture.

    But don’t worry, our tips will clear that dilemma of yours.

    Today you can find various pet-friendly fabrics in your home interiors, which will help reduce the fur remains.

    Try using fabrics and materials on your furniture, such as:

    1. Leather 
    2. Microfiber
    3. Synthetic 
    4. Faux suede
    5. Woven

    These fabrics will help comfort your pets and help you get less cleaning load.

    6- Try replacing wood

    Furniture scratching and furniture destroying are challenging habits to break out of your pets.

    Pets are known to scratch, bite and kick various pieces of furniture, primarily wooden.

    In such cases, consider replacing wooden furniture with fabric ones.

    Pet-friendly fabrics for your furniture at home will help reduce various casualties. 

    Replacing wooden furniture at home is also a great addition to your pet-friendly interior design.

    7- Built-in furniture and fixtures

    Furniture is the mortal enemy of our pets. Our furniture indeed suffers the most in the hands of our pets.

    Our tip to minimize such damage would be to adopt built-in furniture and fixtures for your pet-friendly interior design.

    Built-in cabinets, storage areas, bookshelves, and kitchen accessories will keep our pets and uplift our interior design.

    Built-in furniture lessens the risk of your pets hurting and destroying the furniture.

    8- Minimize on rugs

    Our home rugs contain the most dirt and fur from our pets. This commonly used accessory is stepped on by everyone in a house, making it easier to contaminate the dirt.

    Our tip on keeping your interior clean and making it pet-friendly would be to minimize on your rugs.

    A clean and smooth floor can help keep the house clean and safe from excessive fur. Keep the floors bare and clean, and do not use too many rugs.

    9- Fur resistant wall paints 

    If not a scratching pole, walls are the commonly used commodity for pets to rub their bodies against.

    If you’ve used texture paint on your walls or if there are rough exteriors, then chances are that it will have pet fur sticking all over it.

    Our tip on keeping your home pet-friendly yet clean is to use fur-resistant wall paints such as:

    1. Stain proof colors
    2. Semi-gloss paint finishes
    3. Satin paint finishes

    10- Maintain airiness in the house

    Maintaining proper sunlight and ventilation is essential to creating a pet-friendly home interior.

    Pets are often left alone at home by themselves. Maintaining proper sunlight and ventilation is essential for them to remain healthy.

    At times leaving a bit of the window open or opening the curtains can give them just the right amount of airiness they need. 

    Our tip is to try to get light curtains and expansive windows for your pet-friendly interiors.

    So there you have it!

    It is a reality that pets spend more time in our homes than ourselves; thus, opting for a pet-friendly interior is essential for their health and well-being.

    Our interior design reflects us as a person, and pet parents’ interior design must have some aspects of their pets because of their importance.

    Our top 10 pet-friendly interior tips for your homes will help you build the best long-time home for your fur babies.

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